Clown Costumes

Here you will find a selection of clown costumes from the Online Joke Shop, we have clown fancy dress for ladies and gents. Popular clown costumes include the dotted clown, clown lady costume and dark jester. Available in a range of sizes. 

Complete the look by adding a colourful clowns wig, oversized clown shoes, facepaint and a red clown nose all in stock and sold seperately.

Showing all 17 items

Showing all 17 items

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to own a clown costume. One might venture into it as a profession, and earn a living making others laugh. Some professional, custom-made clown costumes are elaborately designed, but can cost hundreds of pounds. For those who may just want to clown around and have some fun making their friends giggle, we have many quality yet reasonable-priced clown costumes.

Becoming a clown may seem fairly easy; just wear colourful, over sized clothing -- that’s it! Or is it? One might also realize that make-up is also an essential part of the clown costume. No clown is complete without make-up!  That white face together with some other clown accessories that include the nose, which is more often than not red and big, and the wig, those clown hairs that comes in a variety of colours and styles. The curly Afro style or the long dreadlocks look for example, which can come in green, red, orange or even violet or rainbow colours make up the clown face and with the baggy, colourful clothes plus that big, colourful shoes can make up your whole clown ensemble.

But no matter how you wear your fancy dress clown costume, ultimately the goal is to entertain. Whether you are hoping to perk up a friend or just have fun a clown costume from us will definitely aid you in your goal to put a smile in that someones face. We provide a variety of fancy dress costumes for you including colorful clown costumes, dotted clown costumes, male or female clowns’ costumes and more. Whatever you individual needs, we can help you for that perfect clown costume -- from the dress and the shoes, to the wigs, masks, make-up and accessories. We offer a complete line to cater to your desires.