Cops And Robbers

Here you will find a large range of cops and robbers fancy dress costumes, convict costumes are available in the popular black and white stripey design, or maybe you'd like to wear one of our orange convict suits and stand out from the crowd. Remember..where there are robbers - police are not far behind! choose from a range of sexy ladies police costumes and gents policeman fancy dress ideas.

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Showing all 28 items

Cops and robbers have had a unique relationship for many centuries. Cops are dressed in a way that their uniform does not hinder their ability to chase and run after the robber or robbers. Similarly, the robbers are dressed in a sense so that they can easily hide or run away from the cops.

Cops dress in a way so that they can camouflage with the surrounding nature. Their dresses are made of soft kind of material which makes them look smart and well dignified. They look handsome in their uniforms which has a belt holding the hostler of the revolver. Robbers dress in a loose and casual manner so that they can easily mix in with the crowds and run away or hide from the cops. They have a casual outlook to their dresses which consists of a loosely opened shirt and a pant that can mix with the surrounding darkness.

Cops have to maintain a dignity which is reflected in the dress they usually wear. The cap adds a sense of integrity and focus to their character. The robbers on the other hand always dress with a casual attitude so that they cannot be spotted easily within a mass gathering. They have shabby looks and the dresses they wear are like that too. It is done so as not to draw much attention or focus of the people or the cops. Sometimes the robbers wear a hanky or a scarf round their necks so as to give a macho look to their personality.

For years cops and robbers are almost brother like in relation although in a completely different profession. Robbers wear dresses that give them comfort and their dresses are made of material that lasts long. They are usually tough and weather beaten in nature.