Cowboys And Indians

Here you will find a selection of cowboy and indian costumes. Wild west fancy dress is still very popular here at the Online Joke Shop, popular styles include the Indian Princess costumes, gents black cowboy costume, ladies Pocahontas dress to name a few. You can complete your cowbow or cowgirl costume from our range of cowboy hats available in a range of colours.

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Remember those old cowboy movies, Hollywood churned them out in late 50s and 60s. They had tremendous box-office success and enjoyed immense popularity around the world amongst the movie goers. We still love to watch them, those handsome, manly men, clad in those awe inspiring dresses or costumes, carrying guns and pistols; were just fascinating. The old Hollywood cow boy movies with their great heroes, villains and ladies had one thing in common, the Indians. The Indians featured in most of those movies in their not so usual dresses that matched them perfectly. The Indian dresses in contrast to cow boy costumes had a great impact in the mind of the viewers. They still hold good to cast the image!

When you think of fancy dresses or costumes, why not to think of cow boy dresses or Indian costumes! They are really great, reminds the old good days of America, the early days of settlers across the sea, venturing to an entirely new world in search of Eldorado or fortune!  Does it fascinate you? If yes, just log into the site, here you get everything related to cowboy and Indian fancy dress and costumes at a discounted price.