Fairy Fancy Dress

Here you will find a selection of fairy fancy dress costumes. Popular fairy costmes include the Disney Tinkerbell costume, woodland fairy dress available in white or green, and the pixie fairy costume.

Showing all 4 items

Showing all 4 items

When the word fairy is mentioned, what comes foremost on your mind? For as long as one can remember, hundreds of stories have been told about fairies and their magic, their goodness and also their mischief,  have captured the imagination of people fascinated by these fanciful creatures. For generations, people have been enthralled and continue to be so, by these winged, small mythical beings that bring hope, enchantment and magic in our world . Fairies, often described as tiny, winged and good hearted, are believed to be magical creatures that can bestow someone good charms and beauty but their playful spirit can also cause mischief among humans. Famous fairies include Tinkerbell, Thumbelina, Flower fairies and the likes.

Do you believe in or even like fairies? Do you like Tinkerbell or even Thumbelina, if so, why not slip on a beautiful fairy costume? And let your spirit take flight! You'll discover a delightful variety of fairy costumes featured in our catalogue, a variety of pretty fairies ranging from Tinkerbell costumes to Dark Fairy Costumes, Flower fairies and all other fairies. Have fun with fairy dresses and fairy costumes! We seek to give you an electrifying and a wide variety fairy costumes from the conventional and classic, to the most recent releases, to exceptional and one-of-kind pieces. Now you can acquire your fairy wings and trimmings and be geared up for parties, holidays and birthdays. But you can also just simply enjoy it for that magical experience!

For a guaranteed voyage of the imagination, we encourage you to browse through our beautiful collection and be enthralled by the fairies and their magic. We offer a great collection of complete fairy costumes that will surely tickle your fancy. We dare you , let your imagination soar, don on one of our costume and uncover the fairy in you!