Fairytales And Legends

Here you will find outfits from your favourite fairytale books and films including Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood costumes, Wizard fancy dress to name a few.

We sell accessories to complete the look of your desired fairytale costumes including Red Riding Hood and Dorothy baskets, wizard wands and bow and arrow sets.

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Showing all 33 items

Fairy tale stories are fictional stories which consist of folkloric characters like goblins, giants, elves, fairies and talking animals. Most of the children are interested in fairy tale stories. In most of the fairytale stories, magical things are happening and sometimes imaginary creatures are also present in the story. Some of the famous fairy tales are Snow-White, Little Red riding Hood, Puss-in-Boots etc. Legends are stories which are most probably not true and which contains an element of truth or some historic facts along with mythological characters. A legendary story generally passes from one person to other and has been accepted for long.

Fancy dress costumes are mainly classified in to costumes for adults, women, men and children. Fairy tales and legendary costumes are ideal for theme parties, carnivals and adventuring. Both fairy tale and legendary costumes are available here. We have adult fairy tale and legendary costumes that suits your theme, gender and personality. Wear any of the costume on characters of fairy tales and legends. Select from a multitude of costumes which satisfies your requirements and personality. Some of the fairy tale and legendary costumes available here is Adult Robin Hood Man, Tooth Fairy, Red Riding Hood, Adults Tinkerbell Fairy, Alice in Wonderland, Adult Wizard costume etc.

We also provide accessories that match the costume selected by you. If you are choosing a Robin Hood costume, then the pack will contain shirt, hat, boot covers, trousers and wristband. Similarly, a pack of Red Riding Hood contains hooded cape, dress and belt. You can choose any one of these costumes that suits to your style. Select a costume of your choice in order to entertain others. We will provide the best possible accessories and masks for every costume to complete the look of that particular character. Different types of costumes in different colors are available for the same character from here. You can also avail discounts on these fancy dress costumes. Don’t waste your time by searching online for fancy dress costumes, buy your favorite costume from here and get discounts on your costume.