Making History

Here you will find a large selection of outfits through the ages, travel back in time to the caveman era or become a knight of the round table with one of our knight costumes. we also supply a wide range of accessories to complete any outfit including roman swords, caveman clubs and flapper costume pearl necklaces.  

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Travel back in time with these period Fancy Dress Costumes and bring the past back with you. These outfits are a great way to show your passion for favorite historical figures, or just to impress everyone at your next Halloween or costume party event. And with relevant costumes from different historical and social era's, you can travel as far back as you want. 

How about ushering in the next Ice Age in our prehistoric Caveman costumes? With a cave-girl on one arm and a club to boot, imagine the envy! Or if the Pleistocene Era is not for you, why not step into the garb of a new world colonist, fresh off the Mayflower, or the pomp King they left behind? Perhaps you were inspired by the film 300 and wish to don the heroic armor of a Trojan Warrior, complete with belt, leg wraps and flowing crimson cape. Our Caesar costume always turns heads, with it's authentic white robe and royal purple shawl. You can even transport yourself to the romance of Medieval Europe. Our Knight and Warrior costumes are second to none, complete with Tunic and faux Ring-Mail coverings.

Experience a period of Earth's history in an authentic way by putting on the clothes of our distant cousins. A couple dressed in these matching Fancy Dress Costumes can expect magical things to happen, so why not grab your partner and pick out a couple of these period outfits for a magical Halloween, or just a little bit of magic anytime? From long ago to not so long ago, our costumes will help you reconnect with the past in a great way, while turning heads and probably making a few friends in the process. Old and young alike will delight in seeing you dressed as a person of History, and at such a great price, these Period Fancy Dress Costumes are tough to beat.

So get ready for your next event, and go with style and confidence in one of these Costume, knowing that our attention to detail and passion for realism are trademarks of our commitment to making your next party, one not to be forgotten.