Pirate Fancy Dress

Here you will find a selection of pirate fancy dress costumes, choose from over 60 different designs including the popular Captain Jack Sparrow costume and a sexy pink pirates treasure dress. 

Looking for a simple pirate costume? Why not just buy a pirates shirt and add some accessories to achieve your desired pirates look.

Showing all 35 items

Showing all 35 items

Do you love ocean adventures? The smell and the scent of warm blue oceans, or feel the air that blows with you which one might feel as the “child-scary” pirate? And a child will always say “Yeah, I love to be a pirate.”

So prepare yourselves to be real ocean raiders even at home. Select from these wide varieties of pirate fancy dresses made especially for your adventurous sense of fashion. As the old saying goes “You are what you wear.” Empty your mind and live in the real world you are dreaming, ever since. Choose all that fits your taste and interest because the search for the real pirate is still hanging on. You could be the one to fit into it. Pirate fancy costumes are usually designed using different fabric compositions. They are made from linens, satins, cottons, and many other special materials. These materials used on costumes were offered to ensure to meet the requirements of comfort and styling. One can never get lost with mixing and matching your dresses with the accessories. All kinds of models are available for guidance.

Special selections of pirate fancy costumes are available for male adults. For example, costumes for a handsome pirate king, for the so called ugly one-eye with a mustache, or a single handed dweller with a hook on the chopped right hand, or simply a “captain-looking” man wearing a pirate hat or bandana. On the other hand, there are sexy pirate dresses for the women, which would make the ocean adventurous, hot and fiery. There are also pirate costumes which lead to self portrait queen, to a deluxe pirate girl and so many more combinations. Your opponent will easily get entrapped due to its artistic style and realistic cuts.
As there are concerns towards likes and dislikes, matching the colour and the cuts is very important; Selection can be done based on your own choices. We offer all accessories to complete your transformation. It also includes pirate hats, pistols, swords, eye-patches, hooks, bandanas, daggers, earrings - in different colours and style; even parrots.
Why exert so much effort in finding them? Wherein, we are just few clicks and scrolls away. We are the best all in one source of what you need in making yourself looks the badly and to be feared of them all.