Super Heroes

Why not try getting in touch with your inner child and become you favourite super hero, well this is the place to look you can find them all from Batman and Robin costumes for gents and ladies, Superwoman and Superman, Bananaman, Spiderman Costumes and more. Nearly all of the fancy dress costumes in this category are official licensed lines - you'll love the quality of the costumes!

Showing all 10 items

Showing all 10 items

Welcome to the complete database of your favorite Superhero costumes! It is an interesting fact that people from all walks of life are fascinated with extraordinary powers and abilities of an extraordinary human being: be it the ability to fly and enhanced senses of Superman and Supergirl, Spiderman's webbing, Wolverine's adamantium and Batman and Robin's special weapons or technology, and who can forget Iron Man's powered armor suits? Whichever Superhero you're rooting on, they're all one and the same on the basis of their purpose and that is: to protect mankind from harm and for the service of good without a reward.

Your favorite superheroes' secret identities are well-concealed by their distinctive costumes. Their costumes reveal the musculature of the body it means to disguise and help make them recognizable to the general public. They are often colorful to enhance its character's appeal and often goes along with the superhero's name and theme: Captain America's costume resembles the American Flag, Daredevil, a red devil, Spider-Man shows a web pattern and Batman and Superman wear a cape and a form-fitting clothing to display their heroic, athletic builds.

We also offer wide array of sexy Super heroine costumes that will fit your taste and personality. Mostly, super-heroine costumes are tight-fitting, body-hugging sexy look. One of the most popular super heroine costumes of all times is that of Batgirl which is always the perfect outfit for Halloween with its official licensed costume of black and yellow dress with attached cape, black glovelets with black rubber spikes, vinyl eye mask, belt and boot tops. And it seems rather convenient to appear as Wonder Woman in beach events for its bikini-costume look despite the presence of a blue cape. If you want to appear casual, you may also want to go with the Laura Croft style in its simple blue tank top, brown shorts, utility belt with dual gun holsters, brown fingerless gloves, a backpack and boot covers.

Children and adult superhero costumes are available be it for Halloween or birthday and for just about any occasion which motif fall under this category.

So with great powers comes great responsibility... if you wish to have an occasion worth remembering, pick out the super-costume that will enhance your super personality.