Star Wars

Here you will find official licensed Star wars costumes, fancy dress masks and other accessories like hands to complete your Star Wars costume.

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Would you call yourself a Star Wars fan? Maybe you fancy being Princess Leia or Han solo, Luke Skywalker perhaps or even Darth Vader? Or maybe you’d rather be Anakin Skywalker or Padme Amidala, perhaps being a simple Jedi Warrior would suffice. Whatever Star Wars character you want to be, we have the costume for you. Star Wars have attracted a lot of fans for decades, young and old alike, everyone seems to be susceptible to its charms, from the lead roles of Hans Solo or Anakin Skywalker to the support characters like Chewbacca or Yoda, and other Jedi warriors like Obi-wan Kenobi or Qui-gon, everyone can connect to a star wars character or two. Many fans profess their support for the series by wearing Star Wars costumes every chance they get, to costume parties and conventions. You will see them wearing the popular Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes and the newer Anakin or Padme. Some would go as Chewbacca while some opt to wear the simpler Jedi Robes. While still others choose to wear villains costumes preferring Darth Vader’s look. From whatever trilogy you chose, whether it be from Han Solo’s and Princess Leia’s or Anakin’s and Padme’s, or maybe choose to be on the dark side, pick Darth Vader or Darth Maul, you can be sure that we provide you with the best costume to fit your desires! You can choose to be the hero or the villain. The simpler Princess Leia costume or the more elaborate Queen Amidala dress, we have a variety of star wars costume to choose from, your wish is your limit. Whether you plan to wear it at a costume party or to act out scenes from the movie or even attend a star wars convention, the right costume is right here waiting for you.