The Flintstones

Want to become a member of the most famous family in Bedrock? well now you can with our range of flinstones fancy dress outfits including Fred Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone, Barney Rubble and Betty rubble costumes. All available in a range of sizes. These costumes are official Licensed Flintstones fancy dress lines.

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The Flintstones are one of the most popular families of Bedrock, and their  humorous and entertaining stories are very famous amongst us. Everybody is very much attracted to their unique and diverse dressing sense. The Flinstones' costumes are well designed to provide both comfort and free movement of the limbs. They are sure to be a crowd pleaser. It adds a charm to the personalities of the characters. The dresses are very suitable for summer wear. They have a floral design which is very attractive in nature and has a great color combination. The colors used in the dresses are very bright such that it provides comfort in the warm weather conditions of bedrock. The dresses are designed for free movement of the limbs as any kind of hard work can be performed easily. The costumes do not hinder the movements and are at the same time stylishly made. The cuts of the dresses worn by Wilma are really attractive in nature and can make many heads turn. Fred’s dressing style is also unique with a tie to compliment his rough as well as charming nature. Our fancy dress costumes, made with dark colors are said to make people happier in every climate. As we see the Flintstones we know that dress is an integral part of our lives too. Our style of dressing reflects not only our personalities but also our unique stylishness. Human beings have the general ability to copy style from their role models. But seeing the Flintstones, we see that they have generated their own style statement and dresses that make them stand out of the crowd. So if we want to be the person who stands out of the crowd then we need to be innovative like the Flintstones and design and wear dresses that suit our personality and our mode of living and work.