Official Licensed Thunderbirds fancy dress costumes including Virgil, Scott, Brains, Parker and Lady Penelope costumes. These costumes offer amazing value for money, with the Virgil and Scott costumes on sale at just £15.37.

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Have you ever seen a Thunderbirds episode? That cute, cartoon like tv series that It ain’t just nostalgia from my youth that motivates me – the airplane models still get to me, and those spaceships and satellites, the sea ships and nuclear power stations, even the convincing explosion still excites, Thunderbirds still tickles the little child in me. And the colors are exceptional - you recognize that 60's TV color - pastels and grays and stuff. The jet engine soundtrack is not bad and of course the crazy fashions is really catchy, those Tracy boys wearing their button down shirts and jackets and jumpsuits that even though they live on a private tropical island with a pool, and they constantly complain about it being a warm day, still wears those cool uniforms and  even those jaunty little and impractical caps are so cool, well the 60s have come back in fashion several times since and they still look cool from any angle. It would be kind of fun to wear those costumes don’t you think? And bring back that ultra sleek 60’s spirit? Now, do you see yourself as a Thunderbirds character, an international rescue agent? Maybe you like Virgil or Scott maybe even Brains or maybe you like Lady Penelope better or fancy yourself as the butler Parker? Whatever Thunderbird you wish to portray we have the costume for you.  Share your love for Thunderbirds, wear your favorite Thunderbird today. Good for costume parties and role playing! Wouldn’t it be fun to act out scenes from the series, Mount special rescues, save the human race and see yourself as a Thunderbird Hero! Whatever your reason maybe, you are sure to love our authentic Thunderbird costumes. We provide only officially licensed costumes so you can be assured of quality and authenticity of our Thunderbirds costumes, so go ahead order one today!