April Fool's Day Pranks

April first is, to many, the most fun day of the entire year! To those of us who like to keep the child alive inside of us, and those who have a good sense of humor find April 1 as the one day out of the year to express our youthfulness with a good old fashion April Fool’s Day prank.


The hardest part of planning for a good April Fool’s Day prank is choosing which prank to pull and on whom? Some people will do multiple pranks and that is all fair game, but for others one good prank will do to calm the child inside of them.


Choosing April Fool’s Day Pranks

Since this is the only day of the year that pranks are widely accepted you will want to make sure your pranks are still legal in every way. Do not go overboard and do anything stupid that can land you in trouble while at work, home, school, etc. However, there are plenty of April Fool’s Day pranks that are hilarious and safe enough to keep you out of trouble.


Great April Fool’s Day Pranks You Can Do

Oreo cookies Oreo Surprise: Take the Oreo cream out of a box of yummy Oreo cookies and replace the cream with a white toothpaste. Make sure to use the paste and not the gel type to help the cookies look normal.
Cigarettes Cigarette Lip Numbing: This prank is tricky. You will need to confiscate your co-worker, friend, or another target’s pack of cigarettes. Use Orajel and tip the tips of the cigarettes, the butt end, in the Orajel. Make sure there is a little time before the target will take a smoke so they do not suspect foul play.
Computer desktop Computer Desktop Fun: For this joke, you will need time in your victim’s office or workspace. Take a picture of their desktop screen, hide all of their current desktop icons, and maximize the picture of their desktop on the screen. This will be a lot of fun to watch, as they will not be able to access anything until they figure it out.
Restroom sign Restroom Jumble: This prank is simple to do and exciting to watch. All you will need to do is take the bathroom signs that say “mens” and “womens” and swap them. This works best for places that the individuals who use the restrooms are accustomed to which room is which--- a mall would be a good place for this joke.
Washing hands Colorful Hands: The laughs will roll in from the startled looks you will see when you add food coloring to the soap dispensers in the bathrooms.
  Employee Lounge Mishap: You can enjoy a good laugh when no one can get into the refrigerator to retrieve his or her lunch. All you will need to do is take the doors off the refrigerator and install them on the opposite side so that the door will not open when they pull. Lunch and a show, how much better can it get?

There are so many more April Fool’s Day pranks you can pull, so happy planning to you!