Back to School Party

The time of year when school starts may be both am exciting time and a disappointing time. On one hand, kids get to return to school and see their friends and favorite teachers they haven’t seen for the entire summer. On the other hand, the carefree days of summer are ending and there will be less time to play. Some kids get low spirits thinking of the approaching school year, especially if they will be starting a new school (e.g. moving on from elementary school to middle school). Instead of looking at it negatively, make it a time to celebrate. Have a back to school party so the kids can look forward to beginning the new school year. Invite all of your children’s friends and even some parents and make it a big back to school bash.

Given that the theme is back to school, create the decoration, invitations and party favors centered on that theme. Make the invitations in the appearance of a chalkboard, or shaped like an apple or school bus. It is also a good idea to buy school-related movie themed invitations, which should be easy to find. If making the invitations, let the children have a hand and let them decorate the invitations by adding stickers, glitter, and writing their friends’ names on the invitations. You can make them as simple or complex as you want.

When creating the decorations, stick to the same school theme. Decorate the walls with school-inspired decorations, like maps, letter charts, multiplication tables and the like. Place a stack of book on a table with school supplies such as pencils, crayons, markers, rulers, or whatever you can find. Buy inexpensive supplies and give them away to the party guests. You can even try to make the party room look just like a classroom, and have one child dress like a teacher and lead the “class.” You might even want to try having the party theme based completely around a school related movie or television show, such as Harry Potter. The children can even dress like their favorite characters.
Be creative with the food and snacks and make all of them school themed. Make a cake in the shape of a school bus, apple, or pencil. Or, have a cake that is decorated back-to-school style made by a baker. The cake can say something like “Have fun at school!” or “Goodbye summer, hello school!” Give out apples to the children in spirit of the classic school imagery. Or, you can pack “school lunches” in brown paper bags that contain kid-friendly snacks and hand one out to each of the party guests. The possibilities are endless.

As for games, have the children play “school.” Have one child be the teacher and have that child instruct the other children on what to do, similar to “Simon Says.” Or, show a child-friendly school-related movie. Have the children draw pictures of the most fun part of their entire summer, or of what they want to be when they grow up. School may be around the corner, but at least your children can have a last bit of fun before it begins.