Beach Party Ideas

Hawaiian garland

Flower garland - excellent
beach party accessory

One of the most fun and easiest parties to plan is a beach party.  People love the beach and if you can actually have the party at the beach, then the biggest part of your work is already done because nature has done the decorating for you.  Of course, you can still add some decorations to the setting if you want, to make the mood just right.  These can include bamboo tiki torches for added light, canopies, beach towels, beach balloons, beach-themed confetti for the food table, citronella candles for added decor and to keep the bugs away, and of course tropical- or beach-themed plates, cups, and napkins.  There are so many things you can do.  If you are not at a beach location, then you can also add inflatable palm trees, a wading pool (unless you are lucky enough to have a real pool), beach-themed lights, fishing nests, shells, starfish, surf boards, and rubber ducks.  You can even turn your backyard shed into a surf shack.

Of course, you won't have anyone to enjoy all your fantastic decorations if you don't send out invitations.  While social networking is all the rage now, sending out real invitations by mail is still a great way to get people's attention and to get them in the beach party mood.   You can create invitations in many different beach party shapes, such as a beach ball, sunglasses, sun block, fris-bee, flip-flops, shorts, or a tropical sunflower.  Just make sure it is something that screams 'beach' to everyone you invite and your guests will be tripping over one another on their way to the party.

Then you will want games.  If you are at the beach, then you can easily set up some serious beach volleyball.  If you are not at a beach, then you can always play beach volleyball where you are.  If you don't have the space or you don't want to play volleyball, then other options include badminton or fris-bee.  A limbo contest would go over well no matter the location of your beach party.  If you are on the beach and want to have a really fantastic time, then you can bring shovels and buckets and have a sand castle-building contest.  Your guests will truly love it.

Sun pinata

Sun pinata

For the best beach party ever, you will want to plan out the food and drinks.  Let's talk about drinks first.  There are so many themed drinks that you can have and you can make the virgin or alcoholic, depending on the preferences of the crowd at the party.  Daiquiris, pina coladas, sex on the beach, aloha, Hawaiian heartbreak, or the cosmopolitan.  Any and all of these drinks are sure to be a hit and if you add a little umbrella the drinks will truly suit the beach theme.  As for food, what could be better than a beach-side barbeque.  In fact, barbequing fruit skewers is sure to be a hit.  They are fantastic and delicious.  Use loads of tropical fruit and get some whipped cream too.  Other food ideas include baked potatoes, salads, and loads of other munchies.

Finally, what party would be complete without music?  There is always the classic Beach Boys or you can get into some other fun music with Mambo #5, California Dreamin, Surf City, Catch a Wave, and any other fun beach-style music you can think of.  Mix and match for the perfect beach-themed music.  Then everyone can get dressed up in their favourite beach costume, which can be as simple as a bikini or swim trunks and can include sandals, sunglasses, a lei necklace and flowered bracelets. We have a huge range of Hawaiian fancy dress and accessories for guys and girls including dresses, shirts and shorts. Then everyone will be ready to party down as the sun goes down and long into the night. Who knows, there might even be people partying long enough to see the sun rise the next morning.