Captain America Rises as the Next Big Screen Superhero

Captain America CostumeAre you ready for the next big superhero film to hit the silver screen?  It is Captain America: The First Avenger and it just might be the most highly anticipated superhero film of the entire year. Captain America was the first of the Avengers and is being brought to the big screen, not for the first time, but certainly the first time with technology that is able to bring us a film full of action and the best special effects.  Captain America got his start in his own comic book in 1940 and he has become a symbol of American patriotism.  In fact, people could see that before the cover of that famous first comic book was even opened because the picture on the front cover was that of Captain America slugging Hitler in the face.  Not a bad patriotic start to a long superhero career.  Captain America went on to have a 15-part series starring Dick Purcell as Captain America and he eventually became the first of the Avengers.

So what does the current film have in store for us?  A lot of wartime action that is set as a flashback in the story and some action 60 years post-war that will keep us on our toes and maybe even let us have a peak at the Avengers themselves.  The basic story is the same as any superhero story.  The weak man is somehow made strong and through that finds his inner strength and fights for freedom and justice.  In Captain America this man is Steve Rogers, who eagerly tries to get into the American military, but is turned down due to his physical weakness.  However, a general with his own agenda brings Rogers into a Super Soldier program and Captain America is born.

Chris Evans has been cast for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America.  You might remember him as Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four. He will be donning the Captain America costume. over which there has been some debate, although in the end they settled on the Ultimates Captain Uniform.  Of course, there has to be a bad guy, an arch enemy, and in Captain America: The First Avenger this is Johann Schmidt/Red Skull.  This role has been filled by Hugo Weaving, who is well known for his roles as Elrond in The Lord of the Rings, Mr. Smith in the Matrix, and Megatron in the Transformers.

Every superhero has to have a love interest and this film does not disappoint.  While she has primarily been cast in chick flicks to this point, Hayley Atwell more than adequately fills the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger.  Tommy Lee Jones couldn't be left out.  After all, this is a movie that combines superheroes and war, both types of films in which he is traditionally cast.  In Captain America: The First Avenger he plays the role of Col. Chester Phillips.  Captain America's sidekick James 'Bucky' Barnes is played by Sebastian Stan and Dominic Cooper plays the role of Howard Stark.  

This is a fantastic cast and with a story that is rich with intrigue and starts with an air of mystery.  Captain America: The First Avenger is sure to be a favourite among both comic book fans and those who are just in for a good action film.  With an opening date of July 22, 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger promises some great entertainment for any hot summer day or evening.  So get ready for the film of the summer and even though it comes on the heels of Thor!, X-Men, and Green Lantern, this is definitely the superhero film of the year.