Children Christmas Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

This is the time of year when your kids seem to get invited to about 10 Christmas parties. Anyway it can be really hard to find them that perfect costume so let's take a  look at just a few great ones.


Christmas Star Costume

Christmas star costume

If you want you child to light up whatever Christmas event they are going to then why not get them this really cool and cute looking star costume. It looks great for both little boys and girls. Just make sure you do not put them at the top of the tree by mistake.

Tree Fairy Costume


Christmas fairy costume


There are a ton of Disney Princess costumes on the market right now, but if you have a little girl who has her heart set on being a Princess at a Christmas party. Then compromise with this cute looking Tree Fairy costume. It still will make her feel like a Princess, but with a little festive spirit.

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread costume

This is a great costume that is not only perfect for a festive gathering, but the Gingerbread man is a timeless character who would fit in at any party. Your child will look amazing in this get up. It looks and feels great and I am sure your child will love running around in this.

Snowman Costume

Snowman costume

A snowman really has to be one of the most iconic things to do with Christmas, but there is never that many kids dressed as snowmen. Well here we have a great snowman costume. It comes with a hat, belt, scarf and of course the must have carrot nose.

Christmas Elf Costume


Christmas Elf costume

If you really want to make your little someone look cute as a button then you need to dress them up in this gorgeous Christmas Elf costume. It is very high quality and it over all juts looks amazing. It looks equally as great on both boys and girls.