Creating A Unique Halloween Costume

Want to be the only one at the party with your outfit? Thought about making your own one?

Zombies are always a popular choice for halloween parties, we stock a large range of zombie costumes including convicts, nurses, schoolgirls to name a few. 2011 See's our largest ever selection of halloween costume accessories so its now easier than ever before to create your own one-off costume! For example we have the zombie make-up kits which includes zombie Face paint, fake blood, gel blood, liquid latex, horror flesh and applicators. An idea is to purchase any normal fancy dress costume, add some rips and create your zombie face, add some halloween weapons such as a butchers knife or a rusty cleaver, and pour on some fake blood to the outfit. Our Beetlejuice wigs are a great way to complete a zombie look.

Take some time to browse our range of witch costumes and accessories, many different styles of hats and wigs can be found here which you can add to create your own unique witch outfit .

Happy Halloween!