Creating the Perfect Vampire Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and you need a costume.  You are in the mood for a classic scary costume and you cannot beat the ever popular vampire for something that is frightening and ghoulish and speaks of death and dying.  Traditionally known as the creatures of the night who enjoy sucking the blood of the people they find, vampires are really fun to dress up as and not just for kids.  Both men and women can easily create a vampire costume that will instil fright in the most strong-hearted of people.  Just think Gothic and creepy and picture Dracula in your mind and you are well on your way to creating the perfect vampire costume.

Vampires are elegant and well-dressed.  They are the picture of proper culture and to dress up like one all you need is fancy evening wear.  The men can wear a tuxedo or a dinner suit with a white shirt buttoned up to the collar.  Ladies need a black ankle-length evening dress or something similar and if it is more medieval-looking or Gothic-looking the better it will be.  A lace-up bodice would be ideal and material that is velvet or satin with lace trim is perfect.

Two of the most important accessories for the vampire costume are the cape and the teeth.  Every vampire needs a cape and this can be plain black or lined with red.  You can purchase one or make your own and even a piece of black fabric pinned about the neck will do.  Classic vampire teeth made of white plastic, wax, or even candy are available and there are even teeth that are meant to be like those worn in the films.  These teeth will certainly make you look like a blood-sucking creature.  Add some fancy jewellery and you are set.

Now with the clothing, the cape, and the teeth, you will look like a vampire, but will you look scary enough?  Not likely.  To really have an authentic look about you and to really make people look twice, you need to add make-up.  Choosing and applying your vampire make-up might be the most fun part of creating your costume and you can start with making your face white.  You can use white powdered make-up or even corn starch and you can apply it all over your face.  Now that you are ghostly pale, you need to do up your eyes.  Darken your eyebrows and use red or pink lip liner under the eyes.  Then you can make dark circles under your eyes and put some mascara on and you will be a shoe in for Dracula himself, or his wife if you are a woman.  Add some deep red lipstick to make your lips stand out.  White or black would work as well.  Then put some fake blood at the corners of your mouth and you will look like you already had a meal.

Most of the stuff you need for your vampire costume you can find at home or in your local thrift shop.  Check out the Halloween section in your local thrift shop or party supply store for any make-up you don't already have at home and you will find that your costume will come together with ease and it will suit a low budget.  Finally, when you arrive at your Halloween party you can always nuzzle a few necks, preferably of people you know, and this will make your costume seem even more authentic.  Then you can settle down with a drink in hand and let the compliments flow as you enjoy your night of ghoulish fun.