Easter Egg Hunting Games

Easter eggsEaster Egg hunting is a tradition loved by many children around the country. It is a great way to keep kids entertained on Easter day, and allows children to utilize their thinking skills when finding the eggs. Easter egg hunting games do not have to be limited to simply placing the eggs in a hiding spot for the kids to find. There are many variations of Easter egg hunting games that kids will enjoy. Consider some of the following ideas when planning Easter activities.

One idea for an Easter game is to color code the eggs for the children to search for. Each child can be assigned a color, and they will find the eggs of that color. This game can be played in two different ways. You can either have the children assist each in finding eggs of their assigned color, or instruct the children to not inform the other children of the location of the other’s eggs. For example, if one child finds an egg that is the color assigned to another child, then the child who found the egg can give the egg to the other child. The children can continue to assist each other in this way. In the other variation, each child will have to find his or her own eggs without any assistance. When children have found their eggs, count to make sure each one has been found. If not, have the children search for the remaining eggs together.

Scavenger hunts are fun on any occasion, and no less more so on Easter. You can create a fun scavenger hunting games using Easter eggs. With each eggs having been painted a different color or with a different design, make a list of the different types of eggs. For example: 2 eggs with stripes, two eggs with dots, and so on. Divide the children into groups depending on how many children are present. Then, have the children find the eggs on the list. The first group that finds all of the eggs on the list wins. You can also play this game using plastic Easter eggs. In this variation, put clues to where the other eggs will be found inside the egg. Inside the eggs will read clues like: “I am behind something you sit on.” The egg indicated by the clue will then be found underneath a chair or bench.

If the weather is not suitable for outdoor Easter egg hunting, then commence all of the games indoors. Easter eggs can be hidden in odd places in the house, and the children can search for them. All of the previously mentioned games can be played indoors or outdoors. Easter egg games do not always have to involve hunting. You can paint letters on a variety of eggs and have the children choose eggs to make words. The child who makes the most words wins. In addition, of course, the act of boiling and painting the Easter eggs is a game itself. The night before Easter, you can have the child(ren) hide the eggs in various places around the house. The next day, they can make a game of trying to remember where the eggs where hidden.