End of Summer Party: Fun Ways to Mourn the Completion of Summer Break

Once again the summer Bank Holidays are upon us! This marks the last holiday of the year while the warm weather prevails, before schools start back and the cold and melancholy of winter sets in. Holidays of this kind should be used wisely as they only come around a couple of times a year.


When school starts so begins the traditional cycle of stress and strife for the average student. Tests, homework, lectures- enough to make kids mourn the end of summer. What better way to say goodbye to summer and hello to the school year like a costume party. To follow are just a couple of costume party themes and ideas designed with the entire family in mind.


Just for fun

Hawaiian girl fancy dressCartoon Character Theme Party: Just when your kids are getting used to the idea of having to go to class or do homework instead of watching their favorite cartoons, offer them one last day to not just watch their favorite cartoons but to be their favorite character. Organize games and food inspired by their favorites: three-legged races (pair the funniest character combinations), Flintstones Backyard Bowling (paint a regular plastic ball in the likeness of a stone and make paper mache bone shaped pins), serve Power Puff Girls Pink Lemonade and Dexter’s Laboratory Poof! Cookies (sugar cookies cut in the shape of a cloud topped with gray icing & black sprinkles).


Luau Themed Party: Everyone loves a good luau themed evening. Celebrate the end of the heat and long summer days with water sports like slip-and-slides, hula contests, and cool summer tiki drinks. A great thing about these type parties is that the supplies are fairly easy to find and it can be very inexpensive to throw. After all, the idea is simply fun in the sun, and at least one component of that is free!


Notting Hill Carnival

Another fun event for the whole family is the Notting Hill Carnival. This colorful Caribbean themed street party is held annually on the weekend of the summer’s end Bank Holiday. This is yet another great time for dressing up. Following the Steel Band competition on Saturday, Sunday is Kids’ Day featuring a costume contest. This is a great opportunity for your kids to showcase their personality and imagination! Bank Holiday Monday, August 30th, is the day of the main parade. The evening following the parade is a great time to throw an after party to carry the fun and excitement of the day back home. While Sunday is Kids’ Day and children are encouraged to dress up, adults can also enjoy the festivities with some colorful costume play. After all, the entire idea and feel of this street festival is to celebrate the end of summer and the colorful spirit of the Caribbean culture. Don’t be afraid to let loose and indulge as well!

Hopefully these fun and unusual ideas will provide a way for the whole family to enjoy that last day of freedom and fun in the sun together. Cherish these days and remember, they grow up so fast!