Fantastic Couple's Costume Ideas

Everyone loves to dress up.  That's what fancy dress parties are for and it's not just the kids, but adults too who love even the idea of dressing up for a night out.  Planning a costume for a big fancy dress party is at least half the fun.  When it comes to adults dressing up, there are plenty of adults who have a partner, husband, wife, or other type of significant other and it is sometimes even more fun to dress up together.  Fortunately, there are a number of fancy dress costumes that are ideal for and even designed for use by couples.  These costumes compliment each other and take fancy dress to a new level.  They include superhero costumes, famous people costumes, and just plain funny costumes.

Superheroes form a large part of our lives.  As children we love them and even worship them and as adults they still hold a fascination for us, so much so that we watch many films about them.  We have gone from Spiderman and Batman to the more recent wave of superhero films, such as Captain America.  There is a wide range of his and her superhero fancy dress costumes that are ideal for couples.  From Batman and Robin to Superman and Supergirl, dressing up as superheroes is perfect for couples.  How about Captain America and Miss Captain America , Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, The choice is yours!

Couple twister costume

His and hers twister costume

There are also a wide array of famous people, either real or characters from stories and films, that make perfect couples costumes.  Sonny and Cher and Adam and Eve are great examples of couples costumes based on real people.  Fictional characters that make fantastic couples fancy dress costumes include Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles and Bam Bam, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, Frankenstein and his bride, Beauty and the Beast, and more.  Or you can opt for his and her fancy dress costumes that are not of specific characters, but that are classics nonetheless.  These include Gothic vampire costumes, a witch and wizard, his and her police officer or fire fighter costumes, and others.  These are sure to hit the spot when you are in need of a couples costume.

Sometimes we just want to be silly and fancy dress costumes are a great way to do just that.  There are a great number of costumes that are ideal for those couples who simply wish to wear costumes that will stick in the minds of those who see them.  How about dressing up as salt and pepper or ketchup and mustard?  If you want you can put a hot dog with the ketchup or the mustard.  You could be a ball and chain, a bowling ball and pin, a plug and electrical socket, and even the king and queen of hearts.  You can even dress up is his and hers Twister costumes.  Just be ready for the other guests to try to play Twister on you.

There are so many wonderful couples fancy dress costumes that suit couples and the key is to decide on your mood before you choose.  If you are in a funny mood, then dressing up as vampires may not suit you.  The two of you should talk it out, look at your options, and choose fancy dress costumes that appeal to both of you.  Hopefully this will be an easy enough task, but deciding on something together might be the toughest part of dressing up as a couple.  In the end, the most important thing is to have fun with it and to enjoy your fancy dress party and your night out with reckless abandon, knowing that you and your costumes may very well be a topic of conversation that evening.