Gothic Theme Halloween Party

Every Halloween, the typical decorations of cartoon skulls, green skinned witches, smiling pumpkins, and infamous characters like Dracula and Frankenstein cover houses everywhere. While these decorations are typical Halloween staples, why not go for something a little bit different than the rest? Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the stereotypical decoration. Instead of going for what lines the store shelves, try gothic Halloween directions for your next Halloween party. The brooding, dark imagery associated with all that is Goth fits in perfectly with Halloween. You don’t have to wear Ozzy Osbourne t-shirts everyday or have wild piercings and tattoos to have a Goth Halloween party. Just use some of these simple ideas and you will have a unique, fun Goth Halloween party to entertain your guests with something apart from the norm.



For the décor of a Gothic Halloween party, you will want to with anything red, black, or any other dark color. Hang fake cobwebs all over your walls, and place realistic looking plastic spiders on the webs. Fake cobwebs can be constructed easily by tearing apart cotton wadding and hanging it on the walls. While you’re shopping for Halloween decorations, pick up a few items to put together a Gothic costume. Make the lighting within the house very dim, or only use candles for lighting. Of course, while using candles, make sure to use them safely and keep them away from any flammable material. Take some old curtains and shred them to give the house a haunted feel. Scatter fake black roses around the house decoration. You can buy fake skeletons and drench them in red food coloring to make them appear as though they are drenched in blood. The possibilities for Goth decorations are endless. Try watching a few heavy metal music videos for inspiration.



As for the food, get even more creative. Serve dark red fruit punch and float (sanitized, of course) plastic eyeballs in the bowl. Make a red velvet cake and frost it with black frosting. Add a Gothic design like a pentagram or inverted cross as decoration for the cake. Or better yet, cut the cake into the shape of an anatomically correct heart, and use frosting to drawn in all of the veins. Serve bloody mozzarella fingers—that is, mozzarella sticks with extra marinara sauce made to look like blood. Make a bowl of Jello and add plastic straws held upright to the bowl, and let it set. The result will be a bunch of “bloody”, wriggling gelatin worms. If you’re feeling especially daring, serve meat that is cooked extra rare.


As for the music, go with classic heavy metal staples, such as Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper or Slayer, all very dark, Gothic musicians. If that proves to be too heavy, stick to the classic Halloween staples, or play the scores to famous horror films. Those will be certain to scare your guests. And lastly, make sure to look the part. Go to the extreme with thick black eyeliner, black lipstick, back combed or spiked hair, a lacey dress or Goth-y parachute pants.