Halloween couple fancy dress costume ideas

One of the best ways to enjoy Halloween with your significant other is to dress up in matching costumes. These can range from the horrific and frightening to the cutesy and adorable, whatever fits your personal needs and desires. Zombies, movie characters, unique designs, fantasy creatures, and more all have their own costume out there, giving you and your significant other the opportunity to find something just right.


Vampire couple

We all know vampires are a big thing during Halloween. Costumes that have the famous and much loved vampire appearance, a cape, fangs, and suit, are hugely popular for everyone. The availability of them, in both male and female styles, means it is easy for the two of you to find something attractive and fitting to what you were after. With a recognizable appearance and easy to put on costume, you can enjoy the night quickly without any worries.


Pumpkin couple

Pumpkins are more than the decoration outside our doors during Halloween. If you are looking for a cuter costume, these will do just the trick. They are comfortable, easy to put on, and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are a couple just looking for a fun way to dress alike on Halloween or a family trying to match in an adorable way, this may be just what you are looking for.


Ghostly pirate couple Steampunk pirate couple

While you may not be sailing the seas and stealing gold, that does not mean you cannot look as if you are. Pirate costumes give you the opportunity to look like a dangerous criminal of the waters without actually being one. With most costume sets containing the regular stuff, hats, jackets, swords, and the like, it is more about the type of look you want. With Steampunk, Ghostship, and more, you can have a unique, interesting design that still has the fearsome base look, your pirate.


Zombie sailor couple Zombie work to death couple

You may have a heartbeat and working body, but, with a zombie costume, you in no way have to show it. Of course, this does not mean you have to go around eating brains, dragging limbs, and making strange noises, though, except for the eating brains part, no one will stop you from doing them. This costume simply means you want to dress up like the living dead. Tousled hair, corpse like appearance created with make up, tattered clothing, and blood make up the perfect zombie look. You even have different styles available to you, like the school girl and boy or convicts, that add something different to the well known appearance.


Gruesome couple  

While the two of you may consider each other beautiful, you can add an entirely new layer onto your skin for Halloween, one that is quite hideous. The gruesome costumes give the two of you the opportunity to look evil and, well, gruesome for fun. You will have people wowing and turning their heads to see the incredible detail and appearance, as well as possibly frightening quite a few of them.


Ghostbusters couple Baywatch couple

Jack and Sally, Freddy Krueger, Ghostbusters, and several other movies and characters all have a place in our hearts for a reason. This Halloween, the two of you can dress up as your favorite characters and enjoy the love received from fellow fans, possibly even reenact a few scenes for fun.