Having Foolish Fun on April Fools Day


Jester hat

Jester hat

April Fools Day is a time of year when you may need to be on guard and be ready for some crazy fun.  But why not have some crazy fun of your own?  After all, this is a day when you can play pranks on people and they won't get mad at you!  Take advantage of it and see what fun you can have.


Did you know that you can dress up on April Fools Day and no one will think you are weird (at least no more weird than they already consider you to be).  That's right, but don't dress up as something ghoulish; that's for Halloween.  On April Fools Day, you will want to dress up as something foolish, such as a jester, which is the symbol of this fun-filled day.  Of course, any other fun costume will do.  You can also wear a funny hat, wear your clothes inside out or backward, and really make sure you stand out.


Now, when it comes down to it April Fools Day is all about what you can do to others.  What types of jokes can you tell and what types of pranks can you pull?  Of course, you should keep it clean and funny and not get too carried away, but there are so many options available to you.  If you have children you can do so many things.  You can turn all the furniture in your house upside down or switch the rooms around so that when they wake up in the morning they will be confused.  You can add food coloring to the milk so that when they pour it on their morning cereal they will be surprised.  You can also serve supper at breakfast and breakfast at supper or you can serve supper in reverse, starting with dessert.  You can staple your kids pant legs together so that they have a hard time getting dressed.  You can also make a silly lunch for your kids to take to school.  This can include a sandwich that is made with the bread on the inside and the filling on the outside and things like an apple with a work hanging out of it (a candy worm of course).  These are ideas that will keep your kids giggling all day long.


Electric shock litghter

Do you have a light?
Electric shock lighter

What else can you do to family members and friends?  Here are a few ideas that will work at home or with your coworkers:

  • You can mix up the condiments on the table or at least change the salt and sugar around.  They look the same and dad (or your boss) won't be expecting to put salt in his coffee.
  • You can serve sandwich cookies as a snack, but scrape out the creamy filling and replace it with toothpaste.  Your family, friends, or coworkers will be in for a minty surprise.
  • Put wet paint signs on the walls and watch as people try hard not to touch them.
  • Put “No Trespassing” signs on all the toilets.
  • Put up signs saying “Please Use the Other Door”, which is particularly great when used in the office and when the signs are on every door.
  • Place a rubber band on the facet so that when the next person turns it on they will get sprayed in the face.
  • Remove your family members' bedroom doors and see when they notice.  At the office you can remove your coworkers' doors and/or your boss's door and then show up and knock on it as if it is there.
  • Throw an April Fools Day party and then tell people who show up that they aren't invited.  Of course, you'll let them in later, but not after they see you partying it up with your invisible friends.

Keep in mind that April Fools Day is a day to laugh, to love, and to let go and have the time of your life.  It is also a day to play jokes on people and laugh at them and with them.  Be creative when you come up with things to do.  Make it very harmless or be as devious as you want.  Just remember to laugh at yourself too and be prepared to have the time of your life.  And be on your guard.  You just never know what will happen on April Fools Day.