How Are You Showing Your Support For England In Euro 2012?

Euro 2012

Ahh the Euro’s quite a exciting time indeed, in truth I have always felt that the lower expectations for this tournament than the World Cup, often result in one heck of a entertaining tournament. And lets face it after the majority of teams in South Africa in 2010 employing these kill the game defensive midfielders, this years Euros has to be more fun than that.

With that being said how will you be showing your support? Will you simply buy one of the England shirts, perhaps you may go for a retro shirt design? as far as replica shirts, and other t shirts go there is an endless choice. But what about those of us who want to kick it up a notch, what can we get that is more fun than a simple shirt?

How about going one better than just showing your support, how about making your whole house show its support? I am not talking about making your family all wear England shirts. I am talking about getting down the local shop and stocking up on England flags, banners streamers or what ever you can think of.

If you are going down the local pub to watch the majority of games (I hope more than 3!!!) then you may want to accessories your England shirt with perhaps one of these giant foam England flag top hats. Why not really compliment your England ensemble of shirt and top hat by painting your face with a Union Jack.

There is a ton of fun ways that you can show your support for England this summer, and best part is this year you can use it all twice. Once the Euro’s are over, you can save all the stuff you bought and use it to support Team GB in the football at this years Olympics.