How to Celebrate May Day

May Day has been around for many years, and celebrations of it can be tracked back to before Christ’s birth. As with most other ancient celebrations, May Day also has been connected with Pagan roots. May Day occurs on May 1st of every year. Many of those who celebrate this holiday believe that this day is the beginning of the first half of the year, with the other half of the year being marked on the 1st day of November each year. Some traditionalists believe that May Day is a celebration of the return of fertility and life. As with any holiday, there are those who choose to celebrate. Today, we will try to highlight some traditional, and non-traditional, ways to celebrate this ancient European holiday.

Dance Around The May Pole

One of the most common ways to celebrate the holiday is by dancing around the May pole. Generally, a large pole is erected in a large, open area, and colorful ribbons are affixed to the top of the pole. People gather around the pole, each taking one ribbon each, and walk in a one direction or another. This wraps the pole with an array of beautiful colors. Of course, once the wrapping is completed, you can easily unwrap the ribbons and start over for hours of festival fun.

Create May Baskets

Gather all the children around, if you have any, and create a beautiful May basket. Traditionally these baskets were filled with colorful flowers and branches; however, as our culture has changed you can put your own twist on this idea. For most, gathering brightly colored flowers and adding candies to the basket is an acceptable twist. After you have created the baskets, head out to your loved ones and give them away as a way of celebrating the May Day holiday. If, you want, you can always go around to assisted living homes and hand out the baskets there. This way, you can liven up their otherwise mundane life.

Throw A Party

In today’s modern culture, throwing a party is a celebration in itself. Add in the fact you a holiday and now that is even more the reason to throw the party. Since the holiday is a celebration of life, you should focus your party around life. Throw a floral themed party and have everyone bring a brightly colored flower. Set the flowers around the boundary of the party. Have a buffet of fruits and vegetables, again brightly colored if possible. Include activities for adults and children that celebrate life.

Alright, so now you have a few ideas to kick start your May Day celebrations. Maybe you will choose to do one of the ideas we brought up, or maybe we got your creative juices flowing. Either way, we hope that you take some time out to celebrate May Day. Just remember, keep it safe and be responsible. No party is a party if someone gets hurt.