How to Make an Authentic Werewolf Costume

Werewolf costume

Werewolf costume

Did you know that home-made costumes can be a lot of fun to make and they can be really inexpensive, too?  They can also be some of the best looking costumes around.  Whether you are looking to make a costume for yourself or your child, if you have considered a werewolf costume, then you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make one.  First of all, will you be a brown werewolf or a black one?  Colour is important when it comes to the werewolf and you need to choose a colour that will be easy to track down when it comes to acquiring the right materials for the costume.

Now, the basis of your costume will be the clothes you wear, which should be either brown or black.  You can wear a track suit, which might be the best option, although any brown pullover shirt and pants will do the job nicely.  Once you have your clothing you will need to cut the ends of the sleeves and pant legs to make them jagged.  Now for this costume you will also need faux fur.  This can easily be found in any store where craft items are sold.  You will use this fur to line the collar of the shirt, the ends of the sleeves, and the ends of the legs of the pants.  You will also take your shirt and pants, turn them inside out, and cut holes in them in random places.  To these holes you will glue pieces of the fur that, when the shirt is turned right side out again, will stick out of the shirt making look like there is a hairy monster breaking through.

Now to this you need to add face make-up and teeth.  Get a set of plastic fangs and you will have the teeth down.  Then you can get some werewolf face paint.  You can get either a face painting kit specifically designed for werewolves or you can get the black, brown, and orange paint separately.  Paint your face up to look like a werewolf and then you can add some blood dripping from your fangs and smeared around your mouth to make it look like you just fed.  On your head you can wear a brown or black knitted hat to which you can attach more fur.  If you use some sort of thin cardboard, such as an index card, you can cut ear shapes from the fur and secure the fur to matching pieces cut from the index card.  Then you can glue these to the hat and you can add fur around the edge of the hat and other pieces of fur on the hat.

Finally, you will add the finishing touches.  Black shoes, to which you can glue pieces of fur, will look great.  You can also add black plastic fingernails.  With this look in place you will appear entirely authentic.  Of course, you can purchase a werewolf headpiece and gloves if you don't have the time or patience to make your costume, but if you can make it you will have a lot of fun doing so.  Ultimately, your werewolf costume will not cost you very much money to make.  You can get most of what you need from your own closet and from local thrift shops and discount stores.  You may need to visit is costume shop for a few things and you will need fabric glue or a glue gun for gluing your costume together.

Your child will look fabulously scary in a home-made werewolf costume and so will you.  You can even be a werewolf family if you want and you can get everyone in on the fun of making the costumes.  No matter who is dressing up as a werewolf, Halloween night will be a night to remember.  Thanks to the Harry Potter films, werewolves have become popular once again and through these stories we have learned to love and hate werewolves, seeing both the kind side and the ghastly side of this dreaded creature.  Now you can go out and make yourself the werewolf you want to be and you will have a great time doing it.