How to Plan a Witch Party that is a Cauldron Full of Fun

Dressing up is loads of fun for kids and let's face it – adults love it, too.  That is why fancy dress parties are so popular and one way to have a fancy dress party is to have a theme party.  At Halloween you want to have an appropriate theme party and a witch party is certainly appropriate.  Dressing up as a witch and having a great witchy cauldron party is not only fun, but easy to plan.  You can create a fabulous atmosphere for a witch theme party and have your friends over for a spooky old time.  Just be sure to have them all dress up and of course, wizards are welcome, too.

Now, you have to let people know about your party if you want people to attend and that is what the invitations are for.  But these cannot be just any invitations.  If you are going to have the party that keeps people talking for months then you have to start it off right from the beginning and that means sending out the right invitations.  You can buy your invitations, but it is much better to make them yourself.  One great way is to print out or cut out a shape such as a cauldron or a witch hat and write out the party details in the back.  Then you can put that in an envelope and send it out to your guests.  Another and even better way to make your own invitations is to make your paper look old.  You can just use tea or coffee and put it in a shallow dish.  Then you simply take a piece of paper and put it in the liquid and then lay it out to dry.  If you crumple it up before you soak it the paper will look even more authentic.  Once the paper is dry you can write out your invitation, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, and deliver it.

Decorations are key for any party, but when it comes to a theme party they may be even more important than usual.  Decorating for a witch theme party means you need to find all things witchy.  That means black light bulbs to set the mood, skeletons hanging around the venue.  Witches are known for having jars of ingredients lining the walls, ingredients for their many potions and spells.  You can bring that atmosphere alive at your party by filling glass jars with things like eyeballs, bats' wings, frog legs, and anything else you can think of.  Have some broomsticks, shredded cheese cloth, and spider webs scattered around the venue and on the walls and you can even have a misty atmosphere.  Just get some dry ice and put it in some buckets with some water, then place then around the venue as well.

Small plastic cauldrons are your friends when it comes to planning a witch theme party.  You can fill these up with all kinds of goodies on which to snack.  What about werewolf claws, which are really slivered almonds, and gummy creatures of all kinds.  You can also make sweet and salty broomsticks, which are made with pretzel sticks and fruit roll-ups  Cut the fruit roll-ups in two inch sections and then cut these into fringes.  Wet the top of the fruit roll-up and wrap it around the end of the pretzel stick and voila!  You have an edible broomstick.  You can also make green punch and serve it in a cauldron for people to enjoy.  Put in creepy crawly gummies that will float in the punch and you will have a hit with both adults and kids.

Now with all this set up your guests will have the best time ever, but you can't leave out the entertainment.  The right music and games will add the finishing touches to the party of the year.  Your music can include all the Halloween favourites, such as the Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett.  You can also play some games.  Pin the broomstick on the witch is a good one and a scavenger hunt is always a hit.  Old and young alike would enjoy a contest to see who can make the best witch's brew.  Just have some small cauldrons and a bunch of ingredients on hand and, if you are brave enough, you can be the taste tester.  Your guests are bound to have the time of their lives at your witch party and you will create memories to last a lifetime.