How to Plan the Ultimate Hen Night Party – In!

Hen night parties are all about fun, nothing but fun.  After all, this is it for your friend.  This is the last big night of fun as a single lady before the big day comes and you need to be sure that it is so special that it rivals the big day.  That being said, just because the hen night party is supposed to be so fun and memorable, doesn't mean that it has to cost a lot, nor does it have to take place outside of your home.  After all, it is not things that create memories or that matter most; it is the people, the relationships, the time you spend together.


So what should you do for your hen night?  Here are a few ideas.  First of all, you need to invite the guests.  Of course, that means the bridesmaids (who should be helping you plan the party) and then any other friends and family of the bride.  Get something nice, tasteful, and inexpensive.  Throughout the process of planning and holding a hen night party you need to keep within a budget, because let's face it, we aren't all marrying Prince William.  One way to keep costs down and make it more personal is to make your own invitations.  What a perfect first impression to your hen night.


If you do decide to stay in, then you need to decorate.  Again, staying within a budget should be fairly easy.  You can get many decorations at a party supply place and you can also check out the discount stores.  Get some streamers and balloons and look for some fun and exciting decorations that scream hen party.  You can keep things very proper or you can get a little down and dirty with willy whistles, an inflatable willy, hen night bubbles, and more.  These are meant for harmless fun, but be sure it is appropriate.  After all, grandma might be attending the party or the little sister.

Food ideas

When it comes to hen night party food you have some options.  You can take some of the money you saved by staying in and use it to hire a personal chef for the evening.  This is a great way for you all to be pampered and still keep things personal.  Or you can make it an American Supper, having everyone bring a dish they like to share.  These are always fun and they require less expense and less work for you.  If you all like to cook, you can also cook your own dinner that night, as part of the party.  No matter which way you go about it, you will be eating very well at the hen night party.


Hen party games

Hen Night Dare Spinner Game

Finally, you need to plan what the guests will do.  This is easy.  Besides drinking wine, eating, and chatting, your guests will be able to play some very fun games.  Since you are in your own home you can easily plan a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt and plant clues throughout the house and garden.  You can also plan some other games.  There are games you can find online that are very inexpensive and are great fun.  Of course, as with the party decorations and accessories you will need to plan your games according to the guest list.  If grandma is going to be in attendance, then a truth of dare game or ring the willy may not be appropriate.  Pin the willy on the man is fun, just like pin the tail on the donkey, but instead you're pinning on – well you know.  A good drinking game is the “something I've never done” game.  Each person has to say something they have never done and anyone in the group who has done it has to take a drink or a shot.  Do some research and come up with two or three games that sound fun.  Then space them throughout the evening.

You can have someone organise the hen night party if you want.  There are plenty of party organisers who are more than happy to bring the party to your door.  You can also get personalised shirts for the hen party goers.  You can keep this strictly for the bride and bridal party or get shirts for everyone.  The best thing about a hen night party in is that you do not have to limit guests according to expense, you don't have to worry about age limitations, you can make it more personal, you can play some fun games, and you can even choose a theme if you wish.  And you can have it anywhere, meaning that it doesn't have to be at your own house.  You can rent a cottage on a lake, go camping, rent a ski chalet, or even a yacht.  You can even turn it into a weekend away.  The sky's the limit when you are planning a hen night party in your own home so have fun!