How to throw a 70′s party

So you want to throw a 70′s party do you? Well, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips for a swinging 70′s style party.


FlaresThe first thing that anyone from the 70′s will say is flares! You can’t have a 70′s party without a decent pair of flairs. The bigger the better! Sadly the days of walking into a Charity Shop and finding a pair is over as they have become rather popular with collectors! So you can either make a pair or if you are pushed for time you can purchase them rather inexpensively from our shop. To really get a taste of things back then try watching a sitcom from that period for a lot of good ideas – Bless This House, Step-toe and Son, On the Buses – classic 70′s TV! All of these have some great original clothing to get ideas. If you haven’t seen these then check them out! Having done this get down to our shop and sort yourself out with some incredible sideburns and tashes that will have everyone in stitches. You don’t even have to stick to English sitcoms, for a bit of a flashback why not try doing the coolest cops in town – Starsky and Hutch! Which one were you?


In the 70′s everything was more colourful and there was no better place to show off those psychedelic shades than at the disco! Yea Baby. If you want to impress then you need the right dress. Disco’s popularity peaked during the middle to late 1970s and it was the time that everyone came out of their shell. For men whilst disco wear was completely different than day wear people really tried hard to impress. One of the most iconic dress was the white suit from Saturday Night Fever – complete with medallion rubbing on a tanned chest.


70s ladies costumeThere were some pretty horrendous flairs and one-pieces. Like today, back in the 1970′s mothers and fathers were always keeping a watchful eye on their daughters to make sure that their skirts weren’t too short. So if you mother or father is still fussy then maybe you should wear the flares – at least keep them on until you get to the party and then you can get into party mode with something more funky.


When anyone thinks of the 70′s they always remember the fine music, with classics like Elvis Presley, Blood Sweat and Tears and of course Abba! So if you really want to get into the groove ladies then why not consider the 70′s Dancing Queen Catsuit – just right when the music get going. Who could resist a dance with you! And when the strobes get flashing don’t forget your Hippy specs!


Right. You have the clothes, the music, now the last thing you need is food. What better than some good old fish and chips, served with loads of salt and vinegar? Don’t forget the bread for some chip butties! And finally for lasting effect serve them on a newspaper. The older the better!