Kids Costume Ideas

If there is one thing that unites all kids it is dressing up in funny costumes. Dressing up in a costume takes play one step further and gives children a chance to ‘be’ their favourite character.


It is something that stays with a child all his/her life and gives a child the chance to express themselves in a new way as well as practicing their new superhuman powers on mum and dad! Even adults can remember getting dressed as their favourite character be it Superman and Catwoman.


There are so many choices for everyone and it can be slightly bewildering for children as well as parents. Here are some tips to help you decide: First, let your kid decide who s/he wants to be. Don’t forget that it is their costume and they are the ones that have to wear it.


Spend time together looking at ideas. Choosing a costume can be great fun so why not look through ideas discussing options and talking about various ideas as you go. Kids change their minds frequently (they probably get that from their parents) so once they have decided on one just check for sure that they haven’t changed their mind when you buy it.


Some of the classic fancy ideas include:


PiraBoy pirate costumetes

Boy pirate costume Pirate fancy dress costumes are amongst the favourite ones Boys love being bad pirates. It gives them a chance to go a little crazy climbing up poles, hoisting bed spreads and generally causing havoc. A pirate can go anywhere in the world just give him a sail and a biscuit and the world is his oyster. Pirates get to go hunting for treasure, sailing boats and fighting other pirates. So get on your beards and start sailing the Seven Seas!


Wild West

All dads will have at some time had a cowboy outfit and it will be hard to resist putting your son in these. You can teach your kid to walk with a swagger and become the fastest gunman in the West. Then come noon you can have the final shoot-down between the meanest cowboys in town. If you want something on the lone-ranger side then try the Value Cowboy Costume! Don’t forget the Indians too. They have some of the coolest costumes and some amazing cries! Just get on your moccasins and go.


TV and Movie Characters

Snow white costumeMost kids these days are influenced by the TV and when you ask your child what they want to be you’ll probably get answers like Sleeping Beauty or Woody . There are so many to choose from that it will make your head spin. But one thing is for sure, it will keep them occupied for hours and will be pulled out time and time again. At Onlinejokeshop we have a ton of ideas from Snow White to Power Ranger fancy dress costumes. Just see them step into our costumes and watch their imaginations fly!