Kids summer birthday party

There are tons of ideas you can use if your child has a birthday in the summer. Daughters may love a pink party, little boys may prefer a cowboy party, all kids will love a jungle themed party, pizza party or since it is summer, a pool party. Below are some ideas for all of these wonder summer parties.

Pink Party

This is a great party idea for little girls. There are so many pink colour varieties, such as deep pink, hot pink, light or pale pink. Use all pink for the decorations, pink icing on the cake and for the birthday girl a pink tutu. For the guests get plain pink t-shirts, bigger is better. Write the birthday girls’ age on the back then let the kids [if they are old enough] decorate them with names and drawings. Party favors could be pink candy, lipstick or nail polish.


Cowboy Party

A Wild West adventure for your little boy. Pin the tail on the donkey is a great game for a Cowboy party. The cake can be decorated with boots and hats. Using rope strung around the room can give a western feel for those of us without cacti growing indoors. Your little cowboy can get a Halloween costume online, or the creative parent can make one from an old button down and some jeans.

Cowboy party decorations

Photo source: Mom2sofia


Jungle Party

Your little one can be dressed as a lion, crocodile, elephant or monkey. If you want the full effect you can ask other kids to dress up as animals too. The cake could be in a shape of a tropical island or a volcano. Scavenger hunts make great party games, hide things like plastic animals for kids to find and give out candy to the winner.


Pizza Party

Who doesn't love pizza? Pizza Parties are always fun. You can make mini-pizza crusts the night before then let the kids make their own pizza from a selection of toppings, lay them on cookie sheet and bake them while the kids play a game. Pin the toping on the pizza is a fun game for this. If you want to decorate the house, make it look like an Italian diner. Rather than party hats try chefs hats.


Pool Party

If you have a pool these are fun, if you do not you can still have a pool party. Decorate with inflatable pool toys, wear bathing suits, complete with sun block. Use tan sugar on the cake to make a sand effect. Party games like ring toss using pool noodles and small pool tubes are always a hit.