Ladies Christmas costume ideas

Fairy costume

Fairy costume

Christmas time is the portion of the year in which people get to do things not normally done at any time of the year. We get to spend large amounts of money on lavish gifts, and receive gifts as well. We have an excuse to place a large tree decorated with miniature lights and glittering orbs. We discuss the existence of an imaginary man who hands out presents to children and flies on a sleigh guided by reindeer.  Christmas is the perfect time of year for women to dress up in clothing that would not be appropriate for any other occasion.  Only around Christmas would women have the opportunity to wear costumes such as a Pixie Fairy costume or a Sexy Miss Santa costume.

Sexy santa helped costume

Santas Sexy Little
Helper Costume

Any girl loves to dress and up and be the center of attention at a party. During the holiday season when you will be most likely, attending many parties, what better way to gain attention than by wearing a sexy costume? Bring a different element to the usual Christmas cheer with a Miss Bah Humbug costume. This costume consists of a form fitting black dress with white fur trim and accompanying hat. Whether you are a Scrooge or not, this costume will certainly be fun to wear. If you are religious, you can wear an Adult Mary costume, which consists of a robe, shawl, and halo. It is also modest for those who would rather not wear something too revealing.

Santa is commonly depicted as a pudgy man with a long white beard. However, that image does not have to be eternally withstanding as seen in the various feminized Santa Clause costumes. The Red Sequin Santa costume rejects the traditional image of Santa and gives it a new found sex appeal with the short red sequined dress, elbow length gloves and matching hat. The Sexy Cutie Clause costume is similar, but has a dress of a different cut and material, as well as a belt. The appeal of the costume is all the same. The Miss Santa Tutu Babe costume is a bit more revealing than the others. It has a deep V-neck collar, as well as a frilly tulle skirt. Red may be the staple color of most Santa costumes, but there is nothing wrong with adding a different variety of color, as seen with the Pink Santa Babe costume. This costume provides an alternative to the usual red associated with Christmas.

In Christmas folklore, it is known that Santa had many helpers. They do not all have to be vertically challenged elves. The Santa's Sexy Little Helper costume consists of a green dress, matching hat, and red boots. Santa likely would not have minded having helpers in similar garb, though Mrs. Clause would not be so happy. Finally, the most important element of Christmas is the presents. It will be a great gift to anyone to see a woman dressed in the Sexy Blue Christmas Present costume. So instead of going through with the same traditions, add costumes into the mix and entertain friends and family members, while wearing a cute and fun outfit.