Lady Gaga Costumes and the Style that Inspired Their Creation

Lady Gaga swimsiut costume

Adults Lady Gaga Blue
Swimsuit Costume

You've seen her on TV, on the award shows, in interviews, and performing.  She grabs everyone's attention as soon as she walks into view and not only because of her talent.  No the main reason she gets people's attention is because of her style.  What you see is what you get.  Lady Gaga is over-the-top expressive with the way she dresses and she likes to make statements with her outfits and her fashion.  After all, at the 2010 MTV Music Awards she wore a dress made out of meat.  Who else can say they have ever done that?  Well, despite the fact that you probably won't ever wear Lady Gaga's meat dress, you may be inclined to wear one of her other fashionable outfits the next time you want to get dressed up for a fancy dress party.  This is actually very easy to do because Lady Gaga has inspired costume designers to mimic her fashion.

What racy Lady Gaga costumes can you wear?  How about her silver and black shooting star dress, the one that she wore for her performance on American Idol.  That outfit was smashing.  One of Lady Gaga's most popular costumes is her blue swimsuit, the one she wore in her “Poker Face” video.  You also cannot go wrong with her 3-piece white outfit she wore for the 2009 VMAs or her American flag ensemble that she wore in her “Telephone” video.  All of these costumes mimic her original outfits and remember that Lady Gaga generally doesn't wear something without a reason.  Whether it is to commemorate the occasion in a fitting manner of make a statement about a hot issue what she wears has meaning so it is a good idea to find out what the meaning is behind the outfit you choose to wear.

Of course, Lady Gaga doesn't stop at just her outfit.  She also expresses herself very well with her accessories.  She wears shoes that are as outrageous as the clothing she wears and if you can find replicas of her shoes that is fantastic.  If not, then just find the most outlandish shoes you can find and put those on your feet.  Platform shoes are a big favourite of Lady Gaga's so wearing those will put your costume on the level of Gaga.  Fishnet stockings are also perfect when dressing up as Lady Gaga and she is also fond of head scarves.

Now Lady Gaga is also well known for her sunglasses and eye masks.  When it comes to eye masks she absolutely loves jewelled eye masks, so adding a glittering eye mask to your Lady Gaga costume will be sure to give you the authentic look you want.  Or you can add Lady Gaga sunglasses.  She loves sunglasses so much that she even put out a line of Lady Gaga sunglasses that are big and black and have the word GAGA written across the lenses.  These fashionable sunglasses will leave no doubt in anyone's mind as to who you are.  You can also put on a pair of black retro sunglasses and you will have a great Gaga look.

Finally, if you are going to dress up as Lady Gaga, then you are going to need a Lady Gaga wig.  There are a number of wigs from which to choose when it comes to Gaga style.  If you want her curly hair look, then try a platinum blonde curly wig or the blonde curly wig with pink highlights.  She often wears platinum blonde wigs and a straight one is also a great choice.  If you want to add a little more colour, then try a two-toned wig, in colours such as blonde and yellow or blonde and pink.  She has also worn wigs in an aqua colour and many others so take your pick.  To add to the effect of the wig you can also wear Lady Gaga's signature platinum blonde bow and you will have a complete look.

There is no denying that Lady Gaga has left her mark on the world of music, fashion, activism, and just the world in general.  Some admire her and others may think she goes too far, but in the end there are many who know that when it comes to fancy dress, a Lady Gaga costume is the perfect way to get all dolled up for a fancy dress party or a fun night on the town.  So if you are planning on wearing a Lady Gaga costume to your next fancy dress party or for some other event, then have fun picking from all the different options and make the night one to remember for you and everyone who sees you.