Making the Perfect Witch Costume This Halloween

Halloween is a fun time to dress up in fancy dress and whether you have a child who will go trick-or-treating or you are attending an adult fancy dress party a witch costume is ideal and very traditional.  Boys or girls, men or women, a witch (or wizard) costume works for anyone.  In fact, the Harry Potter films have made it even more popular for boys and men to dress up as well.  Whether you want to be a wicked witch, a sexy witch, or an old hag, you have some planning to do.  However, it is easy to find everything you need for your witch costume in your own closets, thrift stores, discount stores, and party supply stores.  You can make a witch costume quite inexpensively and easily and creating your new look will be fun, too.

Witch costume

Witch costume

Let's start with the clothes.  You will need to wear black.  As a male witch or wizard you can wear a black robe.  As a female witch you can wear a black robe, dress, or even black skirt and top.  The clothes can be worn and old if you are going for the old hag look.  You can add a black cape if you want, which you can purchase at a discount store or costume shop.  You can also easily make a cape.  All you need to do is get black fabric or a fabric with a spider web print and pin it around your shoulders.  Of course, part of the clothing is the witch's hat, which absolutely cannot be avoided because you can't be a witch without a pointy hat.  You can also purchase this inexpensively at a discount store.  Black witch's shoes or boots and for the girls and ladies black or striped tights are ideal.

Now for the best part of all – the make-up!  Planning out and applying your witch's make-up can be so much fun.  You might want to make your face green or you might want to leave it skin-coloured.  Warts are a must if you are an ugly wicked witch.  For a witch's nose you can purchase a nose to wear or you can make one yourself.  A very simple and inexpensive way to make a witch's nose is to shape a piece of aluminium foil and tape it over your own nose, taking care not to cover over your nostrils.  Then you can colour the nose the same shade you are using on your own skin.  Then you can add false eyelashes if you are a female and you can also use black eye liner around the eyes and black or deep red lipstick.

What about your hair?  You must have a witch's hair.  The simplest way to accomplish this is to wear a wig, which can be purchased for a low price.  Men might be in need of this even more than women because wizards often have long hair.  Female witches can have short hair, but it is more traditional to have long hair.  If you have long hair, you can colour it grey with temporary hair colour and you can also use glitter hairspray for a different look.  Then all you have to add to complete the look is your fabulous witch's broom and your best cackle.  You can also add a wand if you wish.

No matter how many times a person dresses up as a witch it never gets boring.  You can easily change up your costume and make it different if you dress up as a witch more than once.  You might remember dressing up as a witch as a child and now you can do the same as an adult.  If you are looking for great couple's fancy dress costumes you and your partner can dress up as a witch and wizard.  You can even get the whole family in on it and be a very witchy family.  There are so many options to explore and you can have fun with all of them.