Morphsuit Fancy Dress Costumes

The latest craze has arrived at the Online Joke Shop – Morphsuits!

Morphsuits don’t need explaining, the pictures say it all. You can see through them and drink through them!


As Morphsuits are made of stretchy Lycra we have found that one size pretty much fits all but for the perfect fit please follow this simple guide:


Over 15,000 sold worldwide!!!

Available in a range of colours including black, blue, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow.


 There are literally hundreds of uses for a Morphsuit, we’ve found this amazing video on Youtube which features a Green, Amber and Red Morphsuit at a traffic light crossing – check it out!


Some examples of Morphsuit uses include fancy dress parties, walking around town, doing the shopping, football matches, rugby games and many more!