Planning the Pirate Party of the Year

Pirate party

Picture source: Wikimedia

You are planning a party.  It's a theme party, a pirate theme party.  This is going to be the party extravaganza of the year and you are pumped.  But do you know how to plan a pirate party?  How do you make your pirate party an experience worth talking about for many years to come?  Well, you need to get in the pirate frame of mind, become a pirate from now until your party so that you can plan it with all its pirate details, from the invitations to the decorations to the food.  You can do it and this is how.

First, you need pirate invitations and they have to be authentic.  Just think about it.  Pirate invitations bought at a store are nice enough, but you need invitations that look old and worn, like the paper on which pirates used to write.  You can easily make regular paper look old.  All you need is tea and in the UK there is plenty of tea.  Simply crumple up a piece of paper and then flatten it out and take a wet, but not dripping tea bag and rub it over the paper.  Then weigh down the corners of the paper and then wait for it to dry.  That's it!  Then you can write out the invitation on your new “old” paper, taking care not to make any mistakes.

If the invitations are the first impression of the party a guest will receive, then your guests will be mighty excited from the beginning.  What about the decorations?  After all, these are the next things a guest will see.  You will want to make your home or venue as ship-like as possible.  Use old white sheets to create big sails in your home.  Put up the flag of the Jolly Roger (the skull and crossbones) and place small ones around your home.  Hang skeletons around the party venue and make them look like pirates by dressing them in a bandanna and an eye patch.  You can also find an old chest or paint a styrofoam chest brown and add a whole bunch of chocolate coins in gold foil.  Add to this pirate streamers in red, white, and black and you have one frightful pirate ship on your hands.

Now, you can't have your guests on your pirate ship unless they come dressed as pirates .  In your invitations you must make it clear that every person is to come dressed as a pirate.  That is crucial.  You can supply each of them with an eye patch and bandanna and you must have your own costume, of course.  You can purchase one or you can make your own by shredding the bottoms of a old pair of jeans and shredding an old striped shirt.  With an eye patch, a bandanna, a belt, and a sword in hand you will be ready to greet your guests.

You can serve food at your party, including a pirate cake, chicken legs and cold cut meats, and fruits and veggies.  You can add any finger foods you wish and all you have to do is give all those old dishes new pirate names and that will completely transform them into ghastly treats that are only fit for pirates.  Serve these up on pirate plates and drinks, such as punch, in pirate cups and you have a pirate meal to remember.

Now for the games.  You simply cannot have a pirate party without holding a treasure hunt.  You can easily design a treasure hunt of your own or purchase a ready made one.  Either way, your guests will have a blast.  You can also play pin the eye patch on the pirate and you can even have a pirate pinata in which you can hide candy and many pirate goodies and toys.  All you need to do is add some pirate music or print out some pirate songs to sing and you are set for the party of the decade.  Your guests will have loads of fun and may even feel more like pirates than Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  So get into your best pirate garb and get your crew together to go and look for that treasure.