St. Patrick’s Day Costume Ideas

St. Patrick's day costumes

Picture source: Wikimedia

The most common thing people think of when they think of St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green so they do not have to be pinched and many get excited because they will have a reason to be ornery and pinch those who are not wearing green.  What a tradition!  For those that celebrate this great holiday, there is no better way to do so than by celebrating in costume!

St. Patrick’s Day costume ideas can range from comical all the way to sexy.  There is certainly a perfect costume for you to celebrate this holiday in style.  Many women like to take the sexy route and I am sure the men do not mind at all.  Whether you dress as a lucky bombshell, a sexy Saint Patty, a luscious female leprechaun, a sensual vixen, or a shamrock sweetheart any woman will sure to be the spotlight of the party.  

Green is definitely the color of choice with the costumes for St. Patrick’s Day.  Every outfit should have green in it for the simple reason of not getting pinched, that is, if you desire not to be pinched.  You could always go as a pot of gold, which would give you a costume that does not necessarily need green to create a spectacular costume, but you can always add green to it if you want to.  

Men can also dress in sexy St. Patrick’s Day costumes as a Leprechaun Lad or a Lucky Leprechaun.  Of course, you can turn any costume into a comical one such as the Cheers N’ Beers costume for the party animal jokester.  The Leprechaun costume can also be a comical outfit for men that desire to go the funny route.  Men will definitely want to learn a good jig before the big party to continue the laughs all night long.  Have you ever heard of Lucky from the General Mills Lucky Charm’s cereal?   You can even dress as Lucky!

Some ideas you will want to use for your St. Patrick’s Day Costumes will need to be in the blouses, trousers, the shoes, stockings, hats, and facial accessories.  You will want to remember that buckled shoes are very popular for this holiday.  Knee-high stockings are a must!  Keep the green trend in almost every portion of the costume and you will make it a huge success.  You will want to have a beard if you are male and a bowtie.


Hats will make any costume complete so remember your hat.  Men should consider a vest as this is a popular fashion for St. Patrick’s Day.  When picking out trousers for the men, make sure they are knee length.  Pointy ears will also give the costume the glamour you are looking for to and maybe a pipe.

Women can wear kickers, but generally for this holiday tend to wear short skirts to give a sexy appeal to their costumes.  Women can also wear a top hat and bowtie.  Please do not forget the thigh high stockings for the extra sex appeal.  Peasant blouses are very popular for St. Patrick’s Day women costumes and for good reason.  They bring the Irish charm to their look.  

No matter if, you are a woman or man, you will find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day costume and emit an Irish feel to any party.