Talk like a pirate day

Avast ye dogs! There be mutiny upon us…

Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of my favorite irrelevant holidays. Less annoying than April Fool’s Day and has much more purpose than Groundhog Day, at any rate. It’s an excuse to be goofy, and not widely celebrated so you can either feel like an idiot or a member of an elite crew of pirates when engaging in conversation, and it gives one a reason to drink rum. (Do you ever need a reason to party with Captain Morgan?) It’s beauty is in the sheer silliness of the day.

The idea began nearly two decades ago when John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquetball. After play for a while and joking around, one of them decided to start encouraging the other by using pirate slang. By the end of the game, the two concluded that talking like a scurvy buccaneer made the game much more fun and wondered if they could make it a holiday. Mark Summers chose September 19, a date he recalled was the birthday of his ex-wife. (She is flattered that her birthday has been honored this way.) After years of quietly celebrating with friends, John decided to email columnist Dave Barry on a whim in 2002. Dave Barry loved the idea and wrote about it, gaining national and international attention for the holiday, where is has been celebrated in classrooms, libraries, college campuses, bars, and boat tours.

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