The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II

Picture source: Wikimedia

The queen’s diamond jubilee is a celebration throughout the year 2012 to celebrate the accession of the queen to the throne of the seven countries upon the death of her father, King George VI. Note that Queen Elizabeth is the Queen Regnant of sixteen sovereign states. Out of these, 12 were British dominions or colonies at the start of her reign 60 years ago. The Queen’s diamond jubilee is celebrated in Australia and a few other Commonwealth realms across the globe. In majority of these countries, a diamond jubilee medal is awarded in various occasions. Holidays and such related plans were discussed in the Commonwealth Heads of State and government meeting in 2011.

In her speech, the Queen emphasizes various things, among them being family strength where she says that it has been a great milestone to the development and growth of th United Kingdom and the whole Commonwealth. She also emphasizes on friendship, especially between the Commonwealth countries and says it has been a big milestone in the development of a strong empire during her reign. Lastly, she talks about good neighbourliness and encourages all the Commonwealth states and their citizens to maintain the good spirit in order to realize their goals of development.

A message from the Queen’s palace gives the directions to be followed in planning for various things to take place during the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations worldwide, but most importantly, it clearly stipulates that the use of public funds during the celebrations should be minimised and that nobody should be forced to celebrate. The question of who leads the celebrations is a point of concern for various individuals across all races. In a general view, the celebrations are headed by different people in different countries as directed by the head of state and government.

Let us now turn our focus on how the celebrations are marked. It was planned that the celebrations be marked by lighting 2,012 beacons across the Commonwealth. This is seen to be symbolic of 2012, the year when Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the turn of her reign to 60 years of age. Besides that, a luncheon for the Heads of State and Government takes place in London, during which the Queen is expected to highlight the major achievements she has realized during her 60-year reign. In a wider perspective, it is marked by a host of national and community events in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as a whole. In some of the states, cultural activities like cultural dances are likely to be included in the celebrations.

Some countries have gone an extra mile to declare public holidays to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Just to show how these celebrations are significant to them, commemorate services are held in some parts of the world for example a service that was held at St James church in Sydney. In some countries like in Australia, important features like streets are named after Queen Elizabeth II. Most significant is the charity work accompanying this event which is embodied in the message delivered each of the 17 states by the Queen.