Throwing an Egg-cellent Easter Party for your kids

Easter eggsSo you want to throw an Easter party that your kids will never forget and you want to know the best way to make it the most egg-cellent Easter party ever.  Fortunately, there are some fantastic ideas that will allow you to make the most of your Easter party time fun.  Most likely if you are throwing an Easter party for your children and their friends, they are still fairly young.  Older kids generally have far better things to do than hunt for Easter eggs.  So what types of things do kids like to do at an Easter party?  Let's take a look.

Where would an Easter party be without a good old-fashioned egg hunt.  There are so many options when planning the hunt.  If you live in a warmer climate or if spring has come early, then you can use your entire yard in which to hide the eggs.  If you live in an apartment, you can go to a local park and do the egg hunt there.  If an indoor hunt is necessary, you can still get very creative in hiding the eggs.  As for what eggs to hide, you can choose lovely chocolate eggs to hide and find.  They are a smash hit.  If you live on a farm you can have a traditional hunt for real eggs.  If you want to stay away from the chocolate and candy, you can also use the plastic eggs and put stickers, erasers, and other trinkets inside.  No matter what you do, the kids will have a blast.

However, the egg hunt should be saved for later in the party.  There are a number of fun games that kids can play and that are a sure fire way to get the kids into the party mood (if they really need help with that).  The egg and spoon race is always a fun one if you have the yard space in which to do it.  You can also play pin the tail (or whiskers) on the bunny, the bunny hop (which is really a sack race), and a variety of other games.

toddler bunny costume

Toddler bunny fancy dress

Children love crafts and offering them a way to be creative at the Easter party is sure to go over well.  The old standby is decorating eggs and this never fails to be a huge hit with the kids and the parents.  Using hard boiled eggs makes the craft easier (less breakage) and for older kids you can challenge them by having them empty a raw egg and decorating it.  They can empty the egg by putting a pinhole in one end and a slightly bigger hole in the other end and then blowing the contents of the egg out of the shell.  Cleaning the shell and hands afterwards is important and then the egg can be decorated and coated with clear acrylic paint to preserve it.

While you can use a dye kit to color the eggs, there are other things the kids can do, too.  They can use markers and they can also use glue, glitter, bits of yarn, and any other craft material you have laying around the house.  If you do want to use the dye kit, then having the kids decorate the eggs with brightly colored crayons before dipping them in the dye will add a nice effect.  Another craft kids will love is decorating an Easter basket or bag in which to collect their eggs during the big hunt.

Now, when it comes to a party there has to be food and what better way to serve up food than nest-style.  By using a small basket (such as a strawberry basket) and lining the bottom with shredded lettuce, you can then put into the “nest” finger foods kids will love.  Maybe grapes and cut up apple and other fruit or you can use cherry tomatoes and cut up veggies.  With this you can serve sandwiches that have been cut with Easter cookie cutters into fun shapes, such as chicks, eggs, lambs, and Easter baskets.  What about dessert?  Well, nothing beats a wonderful homemade Easter cake, except possibly cupcakes – that the kids can decorate themselves.  Each child, no matter how old they are, will love decorating their own cupcake with icing, sprinkles, and anything else you can provide.  Just be creative!

The thought of having a bunch of kids in your home can be daunting, but you do it on birthdays and Easter can be just as fun.  As long as you have your party time planned out with great activities and the kids are fully occupied and having fun, there is nothing to worry about.  Make sure you have some other adults with you to help out with supervision, activities, and clean up and enjoy the celebration of spring and of life that is enjoyed each year.