Throwing London Olympics Theme Party

Are you thinking about throwing a London Olympics theme party? With the 2012 summer Olympics right around the corner, you need to act fast to ensure you have all your party supplies in order. Here, we'll go over some tips on how to throw the perfect London Olympics theme party will keep your guests talking for months to come!

You'll need plenty of Olympic themed supplies if you plan on throwing the perfect party. For one, this means lots of balloons. Don't just get plain old boring balloons, though. Instead, get an equal mixture of Olympic coloured balloons – blue, yellow, black, green and red or blue, white and red representing the flag of Great Britain . It's your choice where you want to put them, but I recommend placing at least one set outside attached to your mailbox. This will let everyone in the neighborhood know that you're enjoying the Olympics, and it will make your house easier for guests to spot. You should also place the balloons throughout your house. Try to keep them grouped in the five colors of the Olympic rings.

While plain-coloured Olympic balloons are usually suggested for parties, you should overlook ones that support your country. After all, that's who you and your guests are going to be rooting for. Look for balloons that say “I love GB” or similar sayings. These are great for getting people exciting and eager to watch the games.

If you want your home to look Olympic themed, you'll need to focus on decorating the living room or area where your guests will watch the games. Line some Olympic bunting from wall-to-wall across the ceiling of the room. If you have extra balloons left over, place them throughout the room, attaching them to couches, tables, furniture and anywhere else you can find.

Costumes can also be worn that show your Olympic spirit. You can find ones similar to spandex that have the UK flag designed on them. While you may look a little silly wearing them, it's fun and will bring laughter to the party. If you want others to wear them, buy a few extra costumes or suggest to your guests that they bring their own.

Royal Britannia Dress

For her: Royal Britannia costume

Marathon man costume

For him: Marathon man costume


Don't forget about party favors for your guests. Hats, confetti, sunglasses and Olympic torches are all excellent ideas to give your guests. Taking the time to add these little things to your party will really transform it into the ultimate Olympics theme party that your guests will remember.

What Olympic party would be complete without food and beverages? This is an area where you can use your creativity and culinary skills. Try baking a few dozen cookies and topping them with Olympic colored icing. Finger-foods are perfect for Olympic parties, such as carrots, celery, and dip. Just buy some disposable Olympic plates and napkins for your guests to use.

An Olympics theme party is the perfect time to bring friends and family together to show your support for your country. These are just a few ideas that will help you throw the perfect party without breaking the bank.