Valentine’s Day Party At School

Planning a Valentine’s Day party at school can be easy and fun. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you can successfully plan and execute a great party with just a little bit of work that all the children will love.


The first step in planning your party is party preparation. Getting parents involved is a great way to spread the responsibilities and make less work for everyone involved. You’ll want to create an email flyer or printed flyer to send home with students at least 2 weeks in advance so their parents can have plenty of time to make preparations. In the flyer you can ask for donations such as goodies, time, or decorations to help make the party a success. Remember to invite students to bring valentines to school for each of their classmates to distribute on the day of the party. 


Next, you’ll want to plan some fun Valentine’s Day themed activities. Games or arts and crafts projects are perfect activities for kids. Of course, every Valentine’s Day party needs some goodies, so leave time to munch on a few snacks as well. Parent volunteers can help plan, coordinate and execute the activities.


You will also need some decorations for your party. The kids can make the decorations ahead of time, or you can use store-bought decorations to create the perfect party atmosphere. A combination of store-bought decorations and hand-made creations from the kids can be beautiful, inexpensive and practical. Paper hearts, crepe paper and balloons are simple decorations that will transform the classroom into party central. The kids can also make mail boxes or pouches from paper to keep their valentines in.


Decorating paper cups with red, white and pink will provide a place to keep goodies as well as adding to the decor. Party food should be individually portioned, not messy and easy to eat. Cupcakes, individually wrapped candies and red punch are all great ideas. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the children to sit and eat their goodies. Any goodies that can’t be eaten during the party will need to be taken home, but a rubber band and some plastic wrap can turn an ordinary cup into a take-out container.


The goal of any Valentine’s Day party is to have fun, so plan ahead with your parent volunteers to create a party that the kids will love. Use whatever resources you have to create a fun, inexpensive party the kids will remember for years to come.