Why Do We Blow Out Birthday Candles

Britdhay candles


History of lighting birthday candles on the cake commenced years back and perhaps even today the candle holds its significance as well as illuminated existence on top of the birthday cake. Multitudes of birthday candles have been used on a cake to symbolize the age of any individual celebrating his or her birthday. The rule is in fact relaxed for seniors who may find the idea of one candle per year fussy and sometimes even childish.


History of Birthday Candles

It is believed that the earlier Greeks who would prefer to place candles upon the cake, which they offered to the Goddess of Moon, actually started the culture of placing candles on a birthday cake. Lit candles made the circular shape cake glow just like the moon. Germans who perfected themselves in the whole art of candle making positioned candles upon the cake for spiritual grounds. They would once position a large candle in the middle of the cake to symbolize light of life. The candle is marked with the use of lines as well as numbers, typically 12, that would be burned each year.

Scholars moreover state that the custom of placing candles started due to the fact that people thought that Gods lived in the skies. People believed that lit candles helped to send signals as well as prayers to the lord so they could possibly be answered. Another reason that people held to this custom was when one individual made a wish at the time of blowing out the votive candle a signal or sometimes message was acquired by the lord and, of course, the prayers were going to be responded to.


Birthday Candle Customs and Beliefs

Even now, people have a large amount of superstitious beliefs with regard to birthday candles. A person celebrating his birthday makes a silent wish along with blowing out the candles upon the cake. It is believed if the individual is able to blow out just about all candles in a single breath this gives hope that the wish will be answered.  In addition, the person would definitely enjoy best wishes in the coming year. One other superstitious notion is if somebody reveals the birthday wish it will not become a reality.


Birthday Candles Varieties

Birthday candles remain an important component of birthday celebrations. Most popular birthday candles usually are long as well as cylinder-shaped taper candles that have a base broadness of (3/16-inch). Taper candles are created by dipping wicks in melted wax, by pouring wax inside a mold, as well as by rolling wax around the wick.

Currently birthday candles are available in innovative and imaginative styles. Varieties of candles already in the market are astounding for kids. Number shaped candles is usually made use to denote how many years one has lived. Candles in the shapes of cartoons are in fact appreciated by all these days. One other appealing birthday candle variety happens to be the edible candle created with soybean oil.