Sexy Halloween Fancy dress costume Ideas

Sexy vampira costume

Sexy vampira costume

Halloween is one of those fun and wholesome holidays as a kid, getting to go door-to-door retrieving candy and stuffing your face full of said candy hours later. As a kid, going to a costume store to get your costume was just as fun as the trick or treating. But, as an adult, Halloween is a slightly different matter. The parties last longer, the refreshments are normally on the alcoholic side, and the mischief is a little more, well, mischievous. As for the costume, the best is sexy fancy dress, taking on the role of “seductress” to an otherwise harmless costume idea. You can basically find a “sexy” costume for any kind of theme you can think of: skeletons, dogs, even fruit. But even then, there are those that are even more popular than sexing it up in general.

For some, the idea of being a pirate brings up images of being sweaty, wet, and hungry. But for the rest of us, and the costume industry, being a pirate is all about stockings, feathers, and sexiness. A very popular costume, it’s seen as sexy because of recent movie franchises around being dangerous and forbidden, two very important factors in a successful sexy costume. Also in that category, you’ll find sexy Robin, sexy pimp, and sexy Padme Amidala costumes, strictly for the dangerously sexiness of these and many other costumes. These are popular among your older females, maybe late 20’s to early 30’s.

“Innocent” and “sexy” have become intertwined, and the best costume for this little theme has got to be sexy schoolgirl. Pushing aside the obvious creepiness, though, this is a very fun costume to not only wear but play out, acting out the innocent routine the best. Other innocent yet sexy costumes fairly popular are such themes as sexy alice in wonderland, sexy angel, and saving the best for last, sexy nun. On the other end of the spectrum, though, the Overly Sexy theme for costumes are just as popular. Things like sexy maid, sexy nurse, and basically any sexy superheroes. These costumes are quite possibly the most popular, simply for the point of them being “sexy” and “believable“.

In modern Halloween fashion, there are the fancy dress costumes that are dead on Halloween directed, and the sexy category is no exception. Here you will find the most popular of any costume, not just sexy, and that’s the witch costume. The category of witch has many themes, including devil witch, witch queen, and even candy corn witch, but the thing they can all agree on is that sexy witch is the most sold out costume for Halloween. Runner ups include sexy skeletons, sexy cats, and of course the sexy devil. The other seemingly obvious category of women’s sexy costumes are sexy men occupations costumes. For example, most popular in this is the sexy sailor, making the navy a real sexy place to work. More costumes in this category are sexy pilot, sexy policewoman, and even a sexy lumberjack.

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