Movie World War Z Party idea

Zombies have been all the rage lately and what a better idea can you think of than to have a party inspired by zombies? This party could be a ton of fun. You could take the party and make it where everyone comes as a zombie and you are celebrating the fact that you are trying to take over the world or you could mix things up and have half the guests dress as zombies and the other half dress as military, United Nations, etc.


Costumes for the Party

Military: Since you will not want to make your guests spend an huge amount of money just to attend you party, you can have them dress in camouflage they may already own. If they do not own any, tell them to try to keep the colors of their clothes to army greens, tans, browns, and maybe even blacks. Adding eye black is always a great costume finish.

Zombies: You can get a full zombie costume pretty cheap online. There are so many you can choose from. If would be fun if you could get your guests to all choose different costumes to make the array of zombies different and fun. You could have convicts, doctors, gangsters, cheerleaders, police officer, business man, school girl, and so on.

Zombie swat costume

Zombie swat costume

Zombie stewardess costume

Zombie stewardess costume

Zombie butcher costume

Zombie butcher costume


Food and Drink

You will want to have food for all your guests, dead and alive alike so you will want to have a good assortment of food. Finger foods work great, such as sandwiches, chicken fingers, chips and dips. You will also want to add some foods such as “finger” food (a dish that looks like a finger), bone-shaped cookies, brain cupcakes, etc. Make sure to order a cake with the World War Z theme and serve with punch.


The Movie

Depending on when you throw your party, if you have the ability to convince your guests to hold off on watching the movie, you could watch the movie at the party. If you have a large crowd get a projector, hang a huge white sheet, and display it outside.

The Ultimate World War Z Party Game

There is only one game that comes to mind with this party theme and that is PAINTBALL FIGHT! Make sure to hold your party either at a paintball facility or where there is enough space to combat. By having half the guests dress as zombies and the other half dress as military you will have your teams already. This will probably be the favorite portion of the party. Make sure if you decide to combat, you do not invite any sissy guests who will not participate. Let your guests know ahead of time so you will be able to get a head count of who will participate; in doing so, you can make sure both teams are even.

Your guests will never forget your World of War Z inspired party as long as they live. It will be the party everyone will compare every party to. This party theme is simple, yet a blast!

Funny Halloween films

The Halloween night of October 31st is becoming more entertaining than scarring in these modern times. Many people, mainly mostly youngsters, used to be frightened as the Halloween Night approached, and the celebration has been captured in many Halloween movies. Halloween movies have always been very spooky and frightening; however, many of the newer movies focus on a lighter, less frightening theme. Many Halloween movies are now very entertaining and hilarious, and many others blend a mixture of hilarious fun with some spice of spooky plots. We will discuss some funny Halloween films you and your family will find very interesting and entertaining on your Halloween night in the house:

Beetle juice

This film is played out by Michael Keaton and he both frightens and makes you laugh out at the same time. He acts very naughty at the home of the O’Hara family and playfully spoils things around the home. The movie gets spooky sometimes, but overall it is very entertaining and interesting.


This is a movie that you would find both enlightening also a little contradicting. Yes, it sheds light on the vampire ways of life of the dead, also seems to discredit some concepts in earlier core vampire movies. It is a movie that children and parents would want to watch together, and while it plays a little on romance, it also gets frightening with the walking dead on the rampage.

Shaun of the Dead

This Halloween movie postulates that zombies and vampires feed on the human brain, and the best way not to be a victim is not to have a brain. It is a very funny and romantic film, and while many people would laugh at the trend of the storyline and how it is developed, many would shriek in horror at some acts that could really terrify.

Haunted Honeymoon

Have you ever imagined getting lost in a haunted house before? This movie will give you a feel of what it is to be left in a haunted house where werewolves and vampires have a field day. The movie is also laced with satire and humor with the feature of top comedians doing their act in this Halloween movie production. It is a must watch, but if you are a teenager, make sure to have an adult by you and be ready to laugh as you might be to shed a tear.

Scary Movie

This is a film for Halloween, and it seems to induce laughter rather than to frighten. The Scary Movie is packed with a lot of gimmicks that would make you mock vampires and zombies and their goblin folks. This movie features a lot of scenes and shoddy special effects to make you laugh uncontrollably in your seats, and be sure to take a leak before watching it because you might not want to risk missing anything in the movie.

These Halloween movies, among many others, are very good to watch on Halloween nights with your family and friends. You will find them very entertaining and hilarious; but then, also be ready to see some spooky action that will remind you that you are watching something related to the Halloween phenomenon.

The Top Non-Scary Halloween Films for Children

Halloween is a time for frightening scenes and costumes, scary stories, and, of course, scary films. Scary films are a fixture of this time of year and there are many horror films that have become classics over the years. These include films such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. However, while these films are great for those adults and older teens who want to be scared out of their wits, they are not appropriate for younger children. Instead, kids need Halloween films that are not so scary and fortunately there are plenty of those.

For the pre-teens and teens there are some films that are ideal for Halloween. Tim Burton is the genius behind a number of these. There is his famous 1980s film Beetlejuice, which is one of his best films. Beetlejuice is the creepy dead guy who has to be stopped before he gets let out of the world of the dead. Another of Tim Burton’s wonderful films is the Nightmare Before Christmas, which, despite its title, is a wonderful Halloween film. Yet another Burton film is the Corpse Bride, in which a shy young man accidentally marries a dead woman. Aside from the genius of Tim Burton, there are the ever popular Harry Potter films, which are ideal for the Halloween season even if people watch them the year through. Another 1980s classic that is set at the time of Halloween is E.T. This cute little alien warmed the hearts of millions as he formed a bond with the boy Elliott.

Now, the above films are great for older kids who are not yet ready for the slasher and horror films that adults like to watch, but what about the young kids? Tim Burton films, Harry Potter, and even E.T. may be too scary for children who are very young. For these kids there is a wonderful collection of films that are suitable and that are totally fun. Disney along with Pixar created the fabulous film Monsters, Inc. This is a monster film that makes all monsters lovable – well almost all of them. Another fantastic Disney film that is perfect for Halloween is called Halloweentown and tells the story of three kids going to Halloweentown with their grandmother in order to learn witchcraft and beat the bad guy.

Finally, there is a round of fabulous films for really young children, although people of all ages truly love them. First of all, where would Halloween be without Charlie Brown and friends? It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a must to watch every year. There is also the wonderful Winnie the Pooh Heffalump Halloween, which features all the fun loving Winnie the Pooh characters that have been adored for generations. Then there are the films which are based on past television series, including good old Scooby Doo. Scooby and his gang of friends were always solving mysteries and catching nasty villains that liked to dress up as scary creatures. The film lives up to the show’s reputation. Another classic is the Addams Family, with a creepy yet eccentric family that is sure to liven up any Halloween.

There are plenty of fabulous Halloween films out there that are ideal for young children and older kids, kids who are too old for Winnie the Pooh, but too young for the adult films. Many of these films are classics that have stood the test of time. That means that they will be the perfect non-frightening films that will be sure to entertain your kids this coming Halloween. A night of trick-or-treating followed by some good Halloween films is the ideal way to spend the haunting season so choose your films today and have the best Halloween ever.