Decorating for Halloween with Home-made Decorations

Halloween has grown in popularity over the years and one of the most exciting things about this holiday celebration is the decorating that takes place. It is so much fun to decorate your home and garden to look like a spooky place of terror and there are a variety of ways to make this happen. While store-bought decorations are frightful and can really produce a nice effect, home-made ones are often better, looking more authentic and being cheaper than the store-bought alternatives. With a little imagination, time, and effort you can make your home look incredible spooky inside and out.

Let’s start with the inside. You will want to decorate the walls and the table if you are having a party. You can hang shredded cheesecloth around the walls and ceilings and this will create a nice effect, especially when combined with the effects of black light bulbs. You can make home-made ghosts in a number of ways. If you can spring for white helium filled balloons, then you can drape white fabric over them and place them around the house. Or you can stuff the centre of squares of fabric and tie them off, then hang them from the ceilings. Making spiders is fun and easy. Take styrofoam balls of various sizes and paint them black. Then use black pipe cleaners as legs and either glue on eyes or stick in pins with red heads to give the spiders red eyes. Add some orange and black paper chains and you will have a wonderful venue.

Outside you can decorate with home-made decorations as well. The ghosts that you made inside can be duplicated for outside. You can make them big and small and hang them from the trees in your yard and from the eaves of your house. Making a scarecrow is a fabulous idea too. Just take some old pants and a long-sleeve shirt, sew up the ends of the pants and sleeves, and stuff it full of old rags, synthetic stuffing, old leaves, or straw. Then stuff some gloves and an old pillow case for the head and attach them to the body. Put on a hat and draw a face on it and you have a scarecrow. You can make more than one and you can hang them from trees, sit them on chairs, or have them lying in a grave or coffin. Hang the shredded cheesecloth from the trees as well and put black light bulbs in your outdoor lights and you will have a scene to remember.

You can also make it look like people are trying to crawl out of the ground in your garden. Using cardboard you can cut out tombstone shapes and paint them grey with black lettering, putting words like RIP and various other spooky or funny sayings. Then place these around your garden and place old shoes and stuffed gloves so that they look like they are sticking out of the ground as if someone was trying to dig their way out. Making Dracula is also fun. Get a long cardboard box and paint it black or brown to look like a coffin. Then get a red-lined cape, sew it shut except for the neck, stuff it, and place it in the coffin with a wooden stake sticking out of the chest. Attach a head with a Dracula mask on it and splatter fake blood all over it. This is a great effect and if you want to add a little more reality to it you can use a fan (with the blades removed) as the head. Put the Dracula mask over the fan and add some inexpensive flashing eyes and plug them in. Then make the fan oscillate and it will look like Dracula is moving and trying to get out of the coffin.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can use to make your own Halloween decorations. Just imagine how spooky and realistic your home will look when you put it all together. You will have a lot of fun making these decorations, your kids will have fun helping you, and you will save a lot of money, too. Best of all, your house will be the talk of the neighbourhood because everyone will love the effect you have created. So get creative and have fun making your house look spooky and even terrifying this Halloween.

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