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Official Licensed Ghostbuster costumes, these Ghostbuster fancy dress outfits are available in a standard and extra large sizes and include the jumpsuit with inflatable proton back pack with gun. Going out as a group? Save some money by buying a pack of 4 Ghostbuster costumes for an amazing saving.

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Showing all 2 items

If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood… Everybody knows that this is the theme song to Ghostbusters.Ghostbusters are an icon of the 80’s. Not only were they popular in the 80’s but also these movies can be seen to this day on cable and are readily available for rent at your local video shop. So unless you have lived in a cave for the past 20 years you know who the Ghostbusters are. They saved New York City not only once but twice from the evil lurking in the city.

These dedicated heroes were there to rid the city of ghosts before anyone even knew how many ghosts there were. Who out there has never seen this movie and thought how cool it would be to be one of the Ghostbusters. Now you too can be one of the Ghostbusters in a fancy dress costume. You will look like the authentic Ghostbusters with a proton pack and gun just like the real Ghostbusters. Looking for an original idea for a costume then this is it. Get a few of your friends together and go as the whole crew. No fighting over who gets to be Egon - Everyone can take a turn.

Not only is this fancy dress costume good for costume parties but for kids parties as well. Most kids like ghosts. You could have a ghost or Ghostbusters theme party, show the movie and have a live appearance by the Ghostbusters. If you really want to go all out you can decorate with ghosts and make replicas of the Stay Puff marshmallow man as treats. The possibilities are endless. What a memorable party this will be. The fun is not just for kids if you are a die-hard fan invite all your friends for a Ghostbusters party. They can’t say they couldn’t find a costume because now there is an actual Ghostbusters fancy dress costume that they can own for a reasonable price.

So let the ghost busting begin!