Horror Fancy Dress Costumes

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It's Halloween so get out the zombies and all the frightening creatures of the night. When you are looking for the perfect costume for your Halloween party or other event, then look no further than our collection of horror fancy dress costumes. These are truly nasty costumes that include Freddy Krueger, Scary Bo Bo the Clown, Little Dead Riding Hood, Dark Jester, Enchantra, the Grim Reaper, Prom Queen Zombie, Yummy Mummy, Fever Widow, and so much more. Costumes come in a wide range of men's and women's sizes. All ladies outfits come with dress and and hat and arm cuffs where applicable. Men's costumes come with shirt and pants, hooded gown, or jumpsuit. There are also plenty of accessories that you can get to accompany your costume and give it that full gruesome effect, such as a bloody knife or sickle, as well as shoes and tights and jewellery for the ladies. One look at you when you walk into the party and everyone will want to run away screaming.