Hen Night Items

Here you will find a selection of hen night goodies to help make it a night to remember. We also stock a range of different stag night items.

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Say goodbye to your freedom in style with these great Hen Night Novelties and fancy dress costumes. It's a grand leap, getting married. There are thing's you're going to miss...and there are things you're going to gain. Either way, you or someone you know has chosen to tie the knot, and now the real fun begins. Experience a night not soon to be forgotten with our assortment of Bachelorette goodies. From naughty games to fancy dress costumes and party decorations, make this a party to remember! So why not start with some hen Night Decorations? We have a huge assortment of fun and naughty goodies to liven up any good Hen Night party atmosphere. Start by setting the mood with our Balloons and banners. Some risque napkins and poppers will leave no doubt that this is a night for ladies by ladies. Once you have your party pace looking sharp, you can move on to having some real Hen Night Fun. Start your night off with a bang! Sexy games are a great way to usher in a new era of fidelity. From Nude Male Playing Cards to shot glasses and everything in between, we have everything you need to make this Hen Night special. As we all know, sometimes at a Bachelorette party everyone is shy at first, and the real fun tends not to kick in until after the ice has been broken. Well, what better way to break the ice than with a naughty game of truth or dare?! It's a great way to get everyone laughing right out of the gate. After a round of sexy silliness, your friends will be ready for anything.  And perhaps most importantly, make sure everyone at the Hen Night Bash looks their best...and sexiest... with our terrific assortment of festive, Hen Night Fancy Dress Costumes. From sexy Bunny to sexy Nun, from sexy Schoolgirl to...that's right, you guessed it! Sexy Pirate Queen! Everyone will look and feel terrific with our great assortment of Naught, pre-marrige outfits. So from Novelties to decorations, from sexy games to naughty nibbles, we've got you covered...But only barely! -wink- -wink-